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  • Thanks for adding new email services:D
    Works great
  • Works very nice. Well implemented.
    Only 1 thing: I do not see the logic, why the entry in context-menu appears between "delete" and "paste". OK, maybe because it pastes the e-mail into the field...
    Below "delete" would look nicer.. Well, I now made the change myself in browser.xul :)
    > maybe because it pastes the e-mail into the field...

    That was indeed the logic behind its positioning. Nevertheless, I agree and will reposition it in the next version.
  • Looks very well. Will be cool if you add more sites with the temporary emails.
    I'm open for suggestions.

    Edit: Version 0.4.3 features some new services, but it's still waiting for its review by AMO.
  • Конфликт с аддоном https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/190/
    Е-майл anonbox.net генерируется с html тегами из этого аддона
    Conflict with an addon https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/190/
    E-mail anonbox.net is generated with the html tags from this addon
    Thanks. This should be fixed in the current beta and will land in version 0.4.1.