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  • Thanks so much Florian.
    Makes the process of resubmitting after a site has
    blocked a disposable domain much more streamlined.
  • One of my favorites. Any chance of releasing it for Chromium-based browsers too (since it's already a webextension) ?
  • from all the spam & hassle
  • Thank you so much!
  • Пишет что обновление повреждено. 54.0.1 x32
  • Great add-on, use it frequently.
    Any plans on turning it into a web extension? I'd hate to lose this add-on when 57 comes around.
    Thank you for your feedback. Starting with version 0.9, Bloody Vikings is now available as a WebExtension.
  • Looks great and seems to have a lot of options compared to others that do similar. Also has more users/downloads.

    Strangely, I couldn't find this addon by searching. Searched Firefox Addons for "Disposable Email" and "Temporary Email" ... luckily though I came across it in the `Get Smart About Privacy` collection. May want to optimize the SEO for firefox addons a bit ;)
  • Thanks for this smart gem. Recommended add-on...
  • Thank you very much.
  • This is great! Thank you!
    How about an additional feature that can remember the email addresses associated with each account? In case I forget my password, or need to check future emails, but I don't know what the disposable email address was. That would make this great add-on AWESOME.
  • Finally something useful!
  • Excellent tool .. using the same tool to generate a temp email id to register at Firefox to write this review ..
  • quite useful
  • It`s really necessary add-on. It can protect my e-mail from useless advertising messages.
  • Te facilita usar correo temporales en un registro, para no llenar tu correo con spam
  • cool tool - cool name - cool user!
  • I ususally donate to show my appreciatoin and this one is definitly going on the list!