157 reviews
  • This add on works and does what it says it will do without complications , easy to use
  • you NEED something like this to stop ALL the false sites & ALL the virus (ect).
  • Great app! I love the convenience of having all of the temp mail services in one place! Would it be possible to add an option to disable the sites from opening in a pinned tab? Usually when I need to use this app, I don't care about emails from the companies I provide with the fake email address, so the tab is pointless for me.
  • Works great!
  • Please add 10minutemail.NET
  • It's great! Saves a lot of time and effort from websites constantly nagging at your email.
  • It does exactly what it was meant to do. Also, could you provide a brief intro to each website?
  • Good addon but where is option?
    Exemple: desactivate the context menue entry. Thanks
  • Очень удобно. Я всегда пользовался временными адресами, но так стало куда быстрее
  • Incroyablement simple (et donc léger), incroyablement utile, toujours sous la main, aucun bug ou problème (possible), j'ai abandonné tous les autres logiciels de mails temporaires pour lui et je le ne regrette pas. Bloody Vikings ! ;)
  • Can you add an option, to deactivate the context menue entry?