147 reviews
  • It's great! Saves a lot of time and effort from websites constantly nagging at your email.
  • It does exactly what it was meant to do. Also, could you provide a brief intro to each website?
  • Good addon but where is option?
    Exemple: desactivate the context menue entry. Thanks
  • Очень удобно. Я всегда пользовался временными адресами, но так стало куда быстрее
  • Incroyablement simple (et donc léger), incroyablement utile, toujours sous la main, aucun bug ou problème (possible), j'ai abandonné tous les autres logiciels de mails temporaires pour lui et je le ne regrette pas. Bloody Vikings ! ;)
  • Can you add an option, to deactivate the context menue entry?
  • Très bien pensé et utile pour ceux qui utilisent des adresses poubelles ! :)
  • Indispensable if you find yourself often in the situation where you'd like to interact on websites you don't frequent but require an account to do so, and prefer not to keep enlarging the pile of sites you already have memberships on. Or, even more importantly, if you are unsure of the security of certain websites and do not want to endager your real e-mail account turning it into a spam-syphon or worse.
    Super practical in those cases and very easy to use. So far (after several months of use) it has yet to fail me.
  • And works incredibly seamlessly.
  • Thanks for this, saves a lot of time and effort from websites constantly nagging at your email just so they can spam my inbox with useless trash.