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  • Bloody Useful!
    Sign up - Sign up are almost everywhere nowadays. They just want to spam you or sell your email address.
    Bloody Vikings! in this regard, is very useful to help you giving fake email to those bloody website and being able to confirm those fake email to confirm your sign-up on a website you are not sure what they might do with your real email.

    Thanks a Lot!
  • Amazing. But there's one thing I really hate and that's that the background tab it opens is a "pinned" tab. Why would anyone want that especially since it's supposed to be quick and temporary? Just open it as a new tab right next to the current one. Come on now. Making it a pinned tab is nonsense.
  • Awesome add-ons for registering accounts on unused websites.
  • Best add on ever! Works perfectly and never lags, I love how you have a selection of mailboxes to choose from.
  • Does what it says, simple and easy to use.
  • Very useful.
  • Great Add On!!!
  • Love this, it's very useful to have.
  • This add on works and does what it says it will do without complications , easy to use
  • you NEED something like this to stop ALL the false sites & ALL the virus (ect).
  • Great app! I love the convenience of having all of the temp mail services in one place! Would it be possible to add an option to disable the sites from opening in a pinned tab? Usually when I need to use this app, I don't care about emails from the companies I provide with the fake email address, so the tab is pointless for me.
  • Works great!
  • Please add 10minutemail.NET