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  • Немного недоделанное, но работает. Например группы накладываются и перекрываются. Вкладки не обновляются. А в целом оно работает, в отличие от остальных подделок с накрученным рейтингом.
  • This is awesome! The drag to make a new group is great. Works well. Thanks for making it : )

    Just call it tabgrouporama or something.
  • Out of all the other forks of Panoram view, this is the only one that's working for me without crashing on Firefox 66.0.4, My only issue is that unlike the other forks this one doesn't have a keyboard shortcut to switch between groups and I wish it had a option to select multiple tabs and create a group out of them instantly rather than having to manually drag and drop each tab between two groups.
  • This fork is obsolete, Panorama View has been updated. Also another fork with more features called Panorama Tab Groups.
  • This was the best one for a bit, but seemed to get buggier lately. For instance, whenever Firefox loses focus, all my tabs would come back. Activating panorama would restore the groups, but pretty annoying. I've had better luck with https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/panorama-tab-groups/ and it seems to be much more actively maintained.
  • Хорошее дополнение, почти как старая панорама. Хотелось бы только чтобы был не свободный ход групп по всему полю, а хоть бы какая привязка к сетке. А то группы одна на другую залезают. Что не удобно.
  • Хотел спросить у автора: как же сохранять группы и потом вновь востанавливать их при следующем запуске FIREFOX - уважаемый автор поясните!??! А так приложение то что доктор прописал!
  • I was looking an extension like the old Showcase. Unfortunately not the same. The tab are too small and I cannot organize them as I want mainly in term of size
  • Exactly what we had before Firefox Quantum messed everything up. Thanks for the great add-on! Managing Tabs like this is how I like it.
  • Расширение, в принципе, удовлетворяет моей необходимости, но группы не сохраняются между перезапусками.
    Закрываю/открываю FF, все группы пропадают и все разгруппированные вкладки сваливаются обратно в одну группу. 2 раза уже так проделал. В первый раз думал, что просто глюк.
    И насчёт сохранения резервной копии. Сохранил, а как восстановить из неё?
    Плюс, В резервной копии сохраняются вкладки только одного окна или всех?
  • Great addon, but it would be more intuitive if clicking the button for the second time were to close the panorama tab again.
  • The best one so far for panoramic view of all your opened tabs , but on my test profile it failed with groups. I made 3 groups: Main(93 tabs), Test2(78 tabs), test1(38 tabs ). After restarting Firefox I lost all the groups, and all the tabs merged together into one group named (group0) with 209 tabs. I think this bug exist because I expanded the tab group handle way down till I had to scroll and that is for the group with 93 tabs. Why do I say that? Because every time I expand the handle way down till I get the scroll bar I lose the group and the group names. that per my testing.

    PS: Currently, I would suggest using this add-on with one group and just use the panorama view feature which makes life easy. for me having groups is important, so I will wait. And, if your group have many tabs, just zoom out and you will see small thumbnails; it is not an intended feature, but it is helpful.

    update: it is too buggy to be used even for just panorama view of your tabs because when moving a tab to another window the tab get a "hide" value AKA it becomes hidden. and sometimes it happens even when you are not moving tabs from a window to another.... I hope you work on this <3 :(
  • Great addon for the most part. It looks and feels mostly like the old TabGroups/Candy system. One minor gripe. I dragged a tab over to create a new tab group and the header went off the screen. Now I can't find anyway to drag it back so that I can move/rename/control/delete it (resize works since that's on the other end of the group).
    EDIT: Figured it out. Resize the browser window, the groups will move. Then move the faulty group around and resize back to your original size. Now you should be able to see the header and control the group. Would like Ctrl-` back to cycle through groups if possible.
  • I've been sticking with Firefox 56 until now because I couldn't live without the Panorama experience. Even though it's "Totally not Panorama", it seemed like it was close enough to bite the bullet and upgrade to 60.

    I was confused about the tab hiding not working for a while, but once I'd read:

    "Go to about:config and set extensions.webextensions.tabhide.enabled to true, then restart your browser."

    in the developer's response to another review, life was suddenly good again.

    Thank you so much for this!!
  • This is almost perfect except it opens in a tab, doesn't close itself when done, and it doesn't hide the tabs from other groups. The whole point is to only see the tabs you want to see.
  • Excellent! I look forward to updates.

    I was stuck on Firefox v52esr, primarily because of Tab Groups. Each time I looked at upgrading, I could NOT find a suitable replacement.

    Thanks, very much for developing this add-on.

    New note: I just looked at your website nyordanov.com, and I am surprised that there is no mention of this add-on.
  • A nice alternative for Tab Groups, Thank you for it!

    But with some little Bugs. From time to time there's some unexpected behaviour:
    - All Tabs are in one group, all other groups are gone. Or
    - All groups are still there but the tabs are gathered in one group (maybe the last that was opened). Or
    - The last letter of every group name is gone.
    Or a combination.

    I'm curious about what happend next ;-)
  • Yeay! Works great. Much <3 for pinned tab support and shortcut!