71 reviews
  • It doesn't do anything.
  • Love it, Its perfect for Youtube! I installed it, and it was already full screen! Hover your cursor near the top of the screen and the tool bar quickly reappears. Boo ya
  • Dommage que cette extension cache systématiquement la barre des favoris, sinon je l'aurais bien utilisé :-(
  • dowanload failed.please check your connection
  • Me semble Très Intéressant. Vais Donc L'Utiliser
  • Works...OK? For 10 "dumb" lines it certainly does what it says on the tin. Having to sign-up for GitHub is especially stupid; just wanted to point out that my Start menu doesn't show. I have to take FF out of full-screen.
    Havin to sign up for a completely arbitrary third-party site just let the coder know how I feel is completely un-fucking-acceptable. You're not some messiah or something, just do your damn job.
  • Works fine on Xubuntu 18.04, but can you please add the future to automatically go into fullscreen on maximize?
  • On ubuntu firefox, you can't have a full screen when you create a new window. I don't know if Windows has this bug.