30 reviews
  • Does exactly what is says, recommended install. It stoped working a while back for a short while, but it was quickly fixed.
  • Although goo$le are now loading amp pages through AJAX to try and bypass this great plugin, it sends a clear message to them: you do not own the internet!.
  • Seems to work as intented on the few sites I have tested it BUT with this enabled, I get a cookie from CloudFlare every time I lauch my browser. Why?
  • Works like a charm on for example the gbhackers website.
  • Works as expected on mobile and desktop, thanks you.
  • It works perfectly, thank you!
  • It's very useful if got direct links to amps pages or still using google search (it's 2018 already, if didn't, drop it).
  • Keep on fighting the good fight!
  • great add on, thank you
  • Works great!
  • Exactly what I was looking for, clean and simple source on Github, works as described.
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