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  • Funktioniert, man muss auf den adfly Seiten meist nur kurz eine Sekunde warten und man wird automatisch weitergeiltet. Besser, als 5 Sekunden zu warten und selbst klicken zu müssen.
  • thanks man its great
  • Yeah now working for me :D
  • don't work
  • Not working, adf.ly detected the Skipper :(
  • not working :(
  • Broken.
  • It is not working any more.
  • The page still loads, and if you try to close it, a pop-up keeps you from doing so.
  • This worked great for a while! Unfortunately ad.fly figured out how to detect it and is telling people they have to uninstall it. I bet they couldn't tell us to uninstall a tactical missile to their data center...
  • wont work
    adfly-page send a message and wont skip
  • This has been blocked by adf.ly, and I would love it if this could be fixed. I really dislike being forced ads down my throat, which is why I run noscript, adblock, and various other tools to remove advertisements from most sites, (Though I whitelist sites that I do support, which adf.ly is NOT one of them with their tactics...) ... and thus, I can't get past any adf.ly link because all I get is being told to remove the addon, which I refuse to do. Is there a chance for a fix in the near future?
  • how do i uninstall adfly skipper??? please help!!!
  • This plugin is now USELESS. AdFly installs detection. I know it's not the developer's fault. But please fix it... somehow. Or this add-on is officially dead :(
  • Quick fix needed!
    Blocked by Adf.Ly !
  • dont work!!!!!!
  • With this add on installed I get the warning:

    "This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved"

    Slowing down the process of skipping ad fly by forcing you to press "leave page".
  • Worked perfectly! I had two adf.ly links that just would not work and once I installed this they instantly skipped me to the page and I could download my Minecraft mods!
  • rebuenisimoo..................
  • when i first downloaded this it DID work, now it does NOTHING.... and i still have to click the skip button myself.... using firefox 22.... complete waste of time
  • To those who wonder why it "does not" work on their system:

    source: http://pluginstalk.com/how-to-skip-adf-ly-links-using-adf-ly-skipper-plugin

    After the installation of the plugin, on your side you’ve to do nothing actually. What all you’ve to do is open any adf.ly links which you want to visit and if your are doing something like reading other web pages or using Facebook continue with it. After 5 seconds the plugin will automatically click the “Skip Ad” button and the required URL will be opened.

    So no you understood how the plugin will work. In one line “The plugin will click the ‘Skip Ad’ button for you after 5 seconds”.
  • A great plug-in to have in your arsenal if you dislike users who intend on making money off their links.
  • Works, could be a bit faster but does its job :D go and get it!
  • Perfectly does the job!
  • This works perfectly. (as of today, APril 26th 2013). ANyone who says otherwise is clueless. Great add-on! thank you