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  • Sirve perfecta
  • Works great for now!
  • Works great, just what I needed now that you can't get through if you have an adblocker on anymore.
  • thank you! works perfectly
  • Does not work.
  • ววว
  • Works just as well as the Chrome version, even works on TenFourFox. Saving a lot of time at work thanks to this!
  • They keep updating the title to say "WORKING: 4/18" and such, but it doesn't. Between the time it took me to create this account and get to this page to write this review, they've updated the title yet again to say "COMING SOON: 4/23/2017." It's 4/23 as of the time of writing and it clearly still doesn't work. I don't have high hopes for this.
  • Firefox shows it was just updated today and it's title has "WORKING" in it but it still does absolutely nothing. It's counter goes up every time I use an adf.ly link, but I still have to wait. Even worse, I use AdBlock Plus and adf.ly makes me wait, forces me to click a popup link, and then makes me wait again.
  • Please fix it thanks
  • It was a great addon. However, since the newest versions of firefox it stopped with working. That was already the case with FF 50. But to my surprise i see that the chrome version of this addon was updated on April 6 2017.
    It seems the maker of this addon went to chrome only and don't bother with firefox anymore. Really too bad, cause it was a good addon and also the only one that worked properly. Now i have to use a website to filter those adf.ly links. Mozilla can remove this addon now.
  • I'm a Pale Moon user so unfortunately with 27.2.0 it's no longer compatible and even the moon tester tool https://github.com/JustOff/moon-tester-tool won't make it work, shame as it was very useful!
  • Not working
  • It stopped working for me
    I have not been into an ad-fly website for a while and when I went into one, it did not worked. It used to work but not anymore
    Please help
  • It helps alot!
  • This one works, unlike Skip adf.ly skip!! 1.7.1 which doesn't.
  • i love this addon so much its super helpful it may say an error has occurred but soon as you click ok it skips everything and goes straight to the page its ment to no extra page popping up behind firefox or a new tab opening or it reseting the timer from 0 to 4 seconds again it just takes you straight to the content
  • Not skipping bcvc
  • Doesn't work. at all. Adfly is still annoying and I can't use it because of my adblocker.
  • To see
  • thx men
  • Perfect! It looks like AdFly recently adopted the "ay.gy" domain too, it'd be nice if the skipper worked there! Besides that, it's absolutely beautiful!
  • This is good. Also it skips ad.gy as well!
  • Adfly started blocking adblock Plus.
    This addon skips to the point so fast that the adblocker-blocker can't bugger up the downloading process :) WooHoo! and accidental workaround!

    Besides this, it skips so fast that most of the virus infested pop-unders and such don't even have time to do open their ugly bags of tricks.

    This addon is worth its weight in gold.

    Before anybody says using this is wrong. I would like to hear your tune after you get malware just sitting waiting. Been there done that. Anything that get you through that filthy gauntlet as fast as possible gets my vote.