156 reviews
  • Excellent, does exactly what it says.
  • sensacional.
    ele ainda não bloqueia do site http://corneey.com
  • great
  • Works excellently! No more annoying advertisements, pop-ups, viruses, or false "notifications".
    Thanks for the extension!
  • Five stars baby. Works as intended :D
  • "It just works" - Tod Howard©
    In all seriousness, though, I hate adfly and this addon does exactly what is says, so 5/5.
  • works every single times :) love it ~
  • Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great! This will drive out noisy flies.
  • 9
  • Great Good jobs, THANKSSSS............
  • It just works. Thank you!
  • Sorry but don't work for me. FF v.57
  • Simply Working on firefox 57.0 (x64) Great job, thanks
  • perfect
  • Perfect :D please keep it updated ;)
  • Really appreciate this addon. Very useful when you play Sims games and have to do a lot of custom content downloading to make your game look good. That addfly is a bad deal.
  • It does work. I haven't try all the adfly domains yet, but as far as I can tell it does what it says