133 reviews
  • I love it, i whish was only a little darker but i am just nitpicking
  • My favorite Firefox's theme, it's simple amazing.
  • Excellent art. Love the texture.

    Would be perfect if the tab names were pure black.
  • Very friendly surfing experience with this theme.
  • 自从 Firefox Quantum 开始,一直使用这个皮肤,简洁干净。之前叫“火狐复兴”。
  • Very pleased, Firefox is my primary browser !!!!!!!!!!
  • not really a fan of themes … inhabiting 153px of real-estate on top region of browser. rather, themes should also include 'background' within new-tab/blank-page … guess some things just are not meant to be. however … the dev of this theme gave it his best … and for that, i salute him. the 1½" banner on top is non-invasive and sports subtle tones … well done, sojourner!