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Growl Benachrichtigungen Benötigt Neustart

Offizielles Growl projekt zur Integration mit Mozilla Produkten.

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QuickFilter Unreplied

Battered with Emails? Need to sort them out? This extension adds a button to the Quick Filter toolbar that shows only unreplied emails. The extension works instantly, just install and look at your Quick Filter toolbar.

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AMO Tab Closer

This is an extension meant for AMO reviewers with the following features:
* Close duplicate review queue tabs when a new one is loaded
* Automatically close validation reports and file viewer tabs when closing a review tab

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Unifinder Views Benötigt Neustart

Add more views to the unifinder (event list) in Sunbird and Lightning.

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Year View Benötigt Neustart

This is an example extension that adds a simple year view to Sunbird/Lightning.

Note that freebusy information is only provided if all calendars are cached. See long description for more info. Also, Calendar 1.0pre with bug 489590 fixed is required.

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Bugzilla Helper

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In general a great idea and very useful. I am getting an error though, with Thunderbird 8:

Error: Components.classes[';1'] is undefined
Source File: resource://bugzilla-helper/BugzillaHelper.jsm
Line: 251

Feel free to ping me on IRC if needed, my nick is Fallen.


Support Firefox Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I like this addon a lot, thank you. Now I do have a suggestion, could you make it compatible with Firefox? I realize its a totally different model, but wouldn't it be cool if you could see if a bug is already marked as fixed when its being shown in the awesomebar?

I was just checking a few bug numbers from patches I had in my tree and wanted to see if they are fixed yet. If this addon supported Firefox, I wouldn't have to open the page each time.


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If you are looking for a successor of this Extension, there is Nostalgy (a bunch of features aimed at keyboard navigation), or Quick Folder Move (simple move/copy only extension, probably closest to this extension).

Lightning Nightly Updater (Unofficial)

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Thank you very much for this extension. Works very well and saves a lot of time when using lightning nightlys. Keep up the good work!

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Reply to Mailing List

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Works great!

If possible the toolbar button could use disabling when there are no maling list headers available, but I understand if its not that easy therefore 5 stars.

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