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There is no way to reply to a message unless one opens up a new review...My rating still stands at 1 star.

In my review, truth is an absolute defense.

The emails I received, and the statements in the reply from the company do not address the broad brush attitude of this company against anything that competes with it. Again, a customer is not given a number or better explanation of "repetitive requests, 'a lot' of requests in succession, multiple proxies, add-ons that deter their software..."

To state that other companies have no way to formulate their policies is just disengenuously passing the problem down the line without explanation. The company ought to have a history log of any and all culprits that interfere with their system.

In an email, the company informed me of their developers being unable to find any solution to this rather mysterious problem...since they didn't know the problem--and I certainly didn't-- therefore, it became in their eyes a violation of their terms. They subsequently refused a refund, which is contrary to the refund policy of "7 days" as stated in their answer to my rating (which, by the way, the '7 days' is also not mentioned in the terms, unless they changed it overnight since my prior rating). Per their terms, a refund is given within 14 days after discovering an issue with their program. No refund is given for the life of the contract for violations of their terms--which one discovers, is "mysterious." to their developers.

Finally, the reply provided by the company to my prior rating of 1 states that "...anonymoX is not designed to block Ads, cookies and LSO's." Yet, on their add-on description page, it also states, "...for AD-FREE and unrestricted usage of the anonymization network and the Add-On, you need anonymoX Premium." Anonymox does allow to delete cookies, but the corollary is also that they also don't prevent them either.

Even under my premium, ads still appeared, along with LSO's and cookies. Once these infiltrate one's system, it's too late.

Rating stands at 1.

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I have used AnonX for a few months...please be computer savvy when you read their "terms and conditions." I used their premium service on one computer, with another computer as "free."

Everything is subjective with them...they can block:

1. if you use "repetitive sending of requests" ("repetitive" not defined, and not even in the terms);

2. "triggering a lot of request in succession (more than a browser should usually send)." (a.k.a., throttling, again--which is not in their terms);

3. "using multiple proxies at the same time (other VPNs or proxy services)." (again and again, not defined, and not in their terms and conditions);

4. "using an add-on or plug-in that is sending a lot of requests" (which add-ons?? which plug-in? how many is "a lot?"--again, not in their terms);

By not stating in their terrms as above, they have adopted a policy of NO refund, regardless if one is not educated enough about the above.

One cannot provide one's own securit)y (VPN, secure browser, ad block, cookie blocker, etc.), if it is beyond or does not meet their rules--which are not explained enough in detail or with examples, and are arbitraily & subjectively administered.

Again, forget a refund after they wait 14 days, then give you a warning. Their attitude is, "you should have known." Get savvy before you use this.

I still have premium, but I have uninstalled it because I don't like their refund policy and total control. Ads and cookies, LSO's still infiltrated my browser. Not worth it.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (2.5.2) abgegeben. 

Thunderbird Message Filter Import/Export

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as I stated below, I have Ubuntu 15.4, using latest TB v.38.3. I was able to export my emails to Dropbox using this add-on when I had earlier version of Windows 8.1 and TB 37, but hate Windows now (no privacy) migrating to Linux as are a few other thousand people.

I can open single emails at-a-time within Dropbox folder for TB, but I have thousands of emails and not going to spend time opening each email to discover or guess header source.

Why TB and FF got rid of this useful, necessary functioning tool is beyond me--ESPECIALLY when one has to change or upgrade to new computers or software. Unbelievable.

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Thunderbird Message Filter Import/Export

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using Ubuntu 15.4

Classic Menu Tools//Import//Mail = blank screen = no joy