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How can I cut/paste without you? Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

So simple and, five months later, I can't imagine browsing without it. The time savings might not be enormous, but it works its charm largely be increasing motivation to do things with the net you'd otherwise do if it didn't take five clicks and setting down your donut to press Control C.

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I liked the idea behind this extension. Often I can't see the full address when I hover over links.

But I disagree with the previous comment that the extension works well with Organize Status Bar. In fact it forces Organize to re-align status bar items to the left side of the "old" status bar. Moreover, you can't realign those items to the right, so you're stuck with a new configuration of your old status bar items.

Also, you can't choose which status bar to place on top/bottom of the other.

If you don't use Organize Status Bar, then you might not have any problems with this extension. But why aren't you using Organize?

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