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Occasional open source tinkerer. See my efforts at http://www.oak-wood.co.uk/oss/

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Telefonieren direkt aus dem Thunderbird Adressbuch

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Ultimate QR-code Generator

Mostly not working Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

Looks like it should be a great add-on, but for some reason it only works the first time you use it after restarting Firefox 53. Each subsequent time it just displays a blank image and no amount of typing in the text boxes will change that.

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Does what it says, but the cost is too high Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

Operator does just what it says it does, and is really useful for that. But unfortunately it has a huge cost in terms of performance. It's taken my a bit of investigation to pin it on Operator, but it seems it is responsible for really jumpy scrolling on long pages (Facebook newsfeed for example). The more I scroll, the worse it gets. I wonder if it's a blocking issue? As the page loads more posts the plugin is blocking rendering whilst is parses the new data? Whatever it is, sadly it basically makes Operator unsuable


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This is just what I've been looking for! I'm using it to sync Thunderbird's address book to a Kolab server and it is working just fine. A couple of weeks in and everything is running smoothly. I've previously used SyncKolab, but found that had a tendency to produce some nasty surprises, but tzpush seems to do pretty much exactly what it should. One slight niggle is that the second line of addresses isn't transferred, but on the plus side it seems to be being actively developed and all the niggles I've identified so far have been quickly resolved. A really useful addon!

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