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MailSentry IronPort Spam Reporter

Report spam and ham to IronPort - originally written for our MailSentry hosted IronPort customers, it can be used by anyone who has their email filtered by an IronPort appliance.

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SpamBayes integration for Thunderbird - a better spam filter.

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Channel Guard

Channelguard disables plugins and protocol handlers to ensure maximum security against side-channel attack.

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Enhances Thunderbird with Envelope-Content Splitting (ECS) technology to provide you with a superior e-mail experience, including:

1. Preventing eavesdroppers from reading your mail
2. Protect against e-mail address "spoofing"

and much more.

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B-Trust Smart Card Certificate

Configures B-Trust security device, imports B-Trust certification chains and warns user that operation is unrecoverable, if he clicks delete certificate option for B-Trust certificate.
Designed by Borica - Bankservice Plc.

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Secure Addressing

This add-on provides features to avoid sending emails to wrong addresses. Key features are a confirmation window of recipient's addresses upon sending, name and affiliation look up at mail composition and main windows, and safe auto completion.

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Card Viewer Extended

Adds a button in address book cards to fetch and display the certificate of a contact.

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WebPG for Mozilla

An extension which provides GnuPG/GPG/PGP related functions to Moizilla Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey

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Signal Spam

Cette extension va ajouter dans Mozilla Thunderbird une fonction de signalement qui vous permettra de transmettre d’un seul clic les messages que vous considérez comme spam à Signal Spam, le réseau de confiance pour agir contre le spam.

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DSN Settings

Adds user interface settings for Delivery Status Notification (DSN) requests. This addon is usefull for settings for Delivery Notification request and better experience with Notification Viewer addon.

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Integración con Gnome Keyring

Extensión que permite guardar las contraseñas de Firefox y Thunderbird en Keyring, el gestor de claves de Gnome.

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Highlight External Addresses

This extension helps to warn the user when composing a message to a mixed group of people both in and out of the sender's organization. External addresses are highlighted in orange as a reminder.

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The anti-phish. An informative phishing detection...

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A multi-faceted, collaborative approach against spam.

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CallingID Link Advisor

CallingID Link Advisor verifies the links you see in Firefox and Thunderbird are safe before you follow them. When the mouse is placed over any link a risk assessment and the full details of the site owner are displayed, helping you evaluate the...

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Message Level Authentication

Authenticates mail from Message Level Network users, Mail Reputation provided by Sender Score for each message and Anti-Phishing Data from PhishTank. Registration is FREE but not required...

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Provides a better S/MIME GUI for Thunderbird.

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Purge Events

Purge events from Sunbird and Lightning calendars

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Thunderbird Pedophile Reporter

This add-on was created to allow anyone that is contacted by a suspected pedophile or suspected predator. This will gather the header information and send it to our servers to be reviewed by an investigator.

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