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Image Zoom (ugly fixes) Requires Restart

A lazy fixing of Image Zoom

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Hinzugefügt am August 9, 2016

LookOut (fix version) Requires Restart

LookOut is a plugin which allows Thunderbird to interface with Microsoft's mail tools by decoding metadata and attachments encapsulated/embedded in a TNEF encoded attachment (aka winmail.dat).
Support: Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

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Hinzugefügt am June 24, 2016

Website to PDF Requires Restart

Convert the current webpage into a PDF file!

Just for now - get also a PRO version for FREE!

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Hinzugefügt am May 10, 2016

Lowercase Email Addresses in Message Headers Requires Restart

Shows lowercase email addresses in message headers and their tooltips.

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Hinzugefügt am March 28, 2016

Sender Frequency Requires Restart

Adds a custom column for Sender Frequency to the thread pane

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Hinzugefügt am March 7, 2016

Classic Pop-up Alerts

This addon returns the old view of the pop-up notifications, as in Firefox 4.0 - 43.0

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Hinzugefügt am February 20, 2016

Email Addresses in Message Headers Requires Restart

Shows email addresses in message headers, including those of contacts, and provides control over message header presentation.

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Hinzugefügt am February 13, 2016

Rspamd-spamness Requires Restart

Rspamd spam filtering system score visualization.

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Hinzugefügt am December 29, 2015

DisableChunks Requires Restart

L'estensione agisce sulla preferenza mail.imap.min_chunk_size_threshold, settando il suo valore a 100000000, e fornendo una soluzione al bug 1216951

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Hinzugefügt am November 18, 2015

Hide Badge Icon Requires Restart

Hides the badge for new messages of the Thunderbird app icon on Mac OSX.

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Hinzugefügt am November 8, 2015

ThunderBird Ticker Requires Restart

Расширение для создания тикетов поддержки на основе писем.

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Hinzugefügt am September 10, 2015

SecondOpinion Requires Restart

This extension implements a convenient way to check and upload attachments against VirusTotal.com

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Hinzugefügt am June 19, 2015

Feedly Synchronizer

Synchronize your favorite RSS sources with Thundebird and Feedly

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Hinzugefügt am June 15, 2015

Page Colors & Fonts Buttons

Adds buttons to toggle the using the default page colors and fonts, and the page defined colors and fonts.

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Hinzugefügt am June 7, 2015

Toggle Quotes Requires Restart

A toolbar button and a shortcut key for the QuoteCollapse extension.

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Hinzugefügt am May 21, 2015

Archived-At Requires Restart

Add menu items for copying Archived-At (RFC 5064) URLs from emails

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Hinzugefügt am April 26, 2015

clamdrib LIN Requires Restart

"clamdrib LIN" ist wie der Name schon sagt die Weiterentwicklung des Add-on clamdrib, allerdings nur noch für Linux. Sämtliche E-Mails, Feeds und News werden auf Viren und anderes Ungeziefer geprüft und gemeldet. Gelöscht wird hierbei jedoch nichts!

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Hinzugefügt am February 25, 2015

Auto Zoomer Requires Restart

Keep a preset zoom level across thunderbird restarts.
Usefull on High DPI screens.

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Hinzugefügt am February 9, 2015


Displays latest ksbtehchies News in a popup widget
Get all the Latest ksbtehchies News headline with a single click.

Opens a popup widget with the latest news headlines.

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Hinzugefügt am December 14, 2014

Sender Address Columns Requires Restart

Adds optional columns to the Thread Pane to allow sorting email messages by:
* Full sender address -- e.g. "someone@example.com"
* Sender's domain -- e.g. "example.com"
* Sender's local part -- e.g. "someone"
* Sender's TLD -- e.g. ".com"

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Hinzugefügt am October 27, 2014