Type in accented letters, international characters or symbols into Firefox or Thunderbird, either simply by using a context menu (there being support for many languages), or quickly by keyboard macro (you can even define your own).

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Amerikanische Rechtschreibprüfung Wörterbuch

Wählen Sie ein Wort mit der Maus und finden ihre Bedeutung in Englisch!

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Asystent Nauki Angielskiego

Pomoc w nauce angielskiego i rozumienia tekstów przez tłumaczenie pojedynczych, rzadkich słów.

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Automatisches Wechseln des Wörterbuchs Kein Neustart

Add-on, das die Sprache der Rechtschreibprüfung beim Schreiben einer Nachricht speichert und sie dann bei jeder Nachricht an diese Person wiederherstellt.

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Transform the first letter of a sentence in uppercase

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Ein Eingabemethode-Editor für die vietnamesische Sprache. Tippe auf vietnamesische mit diakritischen Zeichen direkt in Webseiten oder Dialogfeld mit einer Standard Tastatur.

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Babylon Dictionary Word Search

Find the definition for a selected word in a web page or an email.
Right click over the selected word, choose the option "Search in Babylon" and that's it! You will have a new window with the definition of the selected word.

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Bosnian spell checker

This is a comprehensive spell checker that contains more than 300 000 words of the Bosnian language.

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CantoFish is a popup Cantonese-English dictionary for Firefox. It contains over 200,000 entries and works with both traditional and simplified Chinese characters. The Yale and Jyutping romanization systems are supported, as well as Mandarin pinyin.

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Character Identifier

This extension adds a context menu item for selected text that provides more information (from the Unicode database) about the characters...

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Character Palette

Firefox toolbar for selecting strange characters that are not on my keyboard.

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Chat RTL

Fixing the Chat so it would support RTL languages (i.e. Hebrew, Arabic) better.

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highlight code in email.

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Compose messages Right-to-Left or Left-to-Right. Unlike other addons which change the direction of typing of the whole message, this addon allows you to control the direction of an individual paragraph.

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Deutsch Rechtschreibprüfung

Wenn Sie nicht sehen können, die deutsche Flagge, bitte klicken sie auf: Ansicht --> Symbolleisten --> Lesezeichen-Symbolleiste.

Dies ist eine deutsche Rechtschreibprüfung, für die Suche nach Rechtschreibfehler.

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dictCheck - Słownik (angielski, polski). Tłumaczy w sposób łatwy i przyjemny. Możesz również samemu wpisać słówko do wyszukania. Dobra zabawa i nauka. Wystarczy podwójne kliknięcie na dowolnym słówku i już! Nie zawiedziesz się, spróbuj :)

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Dictionary for recipient Kein Neustart

Sets the spell check dictionary based on the first recipient

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Word translation in tooltip with English⟷Croatian dictionary already incorporated.

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Insert inline LaTeX equations into e-mail messages.

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French Dictionary for Spelling

Supports also the Nighty browser! This is a French Spelling dictionary, for finding spelling mistakes.
Select a text in French appearing on any web page and get a spelling check for it immediately!

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