Nokia Synchronization Benötigt Neustart

Synchronize Thunderbird and Nokia phone...

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xSidebar for Thunderbird Benötigt Neustart

Firefox sidebars for Thunderbird.

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Mail Miner Benötigt Neustart

Automatically adds incoming e-mail addresses to a chosen address book, while fetching data via web services like Rapleaf and Qwerly.

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Address Cleaner Replying Benötigt Neustart

A display name is erased when an e-mail screen is opened.

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yangben dictionnary Benötigt Neustart

spell check for Yangben Cameroun

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Contact DnD Benötigt Neustart

Enables one to assign a photo to a contact by dragging and dropping it from the local filesystem.

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NotTo Benötigt Neustart

Are you using mailing lists in Thunderbird ?
Do you forward a lot of mail ?

If so, this extension may be useful for you.

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Check Recipients Benötigt Neustart

Checks the existence of email addresses of all recipients in Compose message window from local address books and LDAP directories.

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PushDialer Benötigt Neustart

Provides a context menu item for dialing phone numbers on your iPhone.

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OpenERP Plugin Benötigt Neustart

OpenERP Thunderbird Integration for version starting from 6.1.

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Lovebird Benötigt Neustart

Email organized around the people you care about.

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Dialectic Dialer Benötigt Neustart

Dial phone numbers with Dialectic (Dialectic is for OS X only). In addition, when a page loads, phone numbers can optionally be highlighted and hyperlinked to dial Dialectic.

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Jabberpresence Benötigt Neustart

This extension has the purpose to verify the presence (online status) of your Jabber IM contacts. Users can add their Jabber accounts (Tools->Jabber Account Setting). A new panel is added in the bottom-left corner, listing contacts presence...

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Card Viewer Extended Benötigt Neustart

Adds a button in address book cards to fetch and display the certificate of a contact.

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SMSalias MozClient Benötigt Neustart

SMSalias is a Firefox/Thunferbird extension that enables you to send SMS messages directly from Browser/email application...

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Send Format LDAP Benötigt Neustart

Gets supported email formats (text/HTML) by the recipients from LDAP directories.

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LDAP Swapping Benötigt Neustart

This extension allow you to simply switch on / off the LDAP autocompletion.

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Serial Letter Benötigt Neustart

Ermöglicht, aus dem Addressbuch heraus direkt Briefe an die ausgewählten Kontakte nach eigenen Vorlagen zu verfassen. Derzeitig werden nur textbasierte Textsysteme wie TeX unterstützt.

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TipTopic Benötigt Neustart

While you're surfing your favorite pages/topics on the web TipTopic informs you on who else is browsing the same pages/topics and is interested in/ available for discussion. Enjoy live dialog with your favorite topic followers while surfing the web!

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AastraClickToCall Benötigt Neustart

Converts telephone numbers into clickable links for use with Aastra IP Phones

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