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Assists to setup a chat account for gitter.im
Where developers come to talk.

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QuickFilter Watched Threads

Adds a filter to show only watched threads

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Last.fm Now Playing Kein Neustart

Show what I’m listening from Last.fm

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P18X Protocol

Send SMS direct to SMSC by the standalone mobile broadband USB-based modems of the brand ZTE with P18X Web UI.

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Novacoin Antispam

Keep a correspondence with only the well off people.
For donate 4VgkLjNQHDcawXbvuTry3X4V2WEXP66vay

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Wepware - Capture and Share Live Content

Grab live snapshots of anything on the internet, organize your collected content into folders and share with friends through SNS.

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Report spam, false-positives or phishing back to your antispam provider.

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ksbtechies Kein Neustart

Displays latest ksbtehchies News in a popup widget
Get all the Latest ksbtehchies News headline with a single click.

Opens a popup widget with the latest news headlines.

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Netlux Adblocker Kein Neustart

Block unwanted ads.

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FireCsv Kein Neustart

View pretty CSV directly from within Firefox and Thunderbird.

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Profile Folder Button

Adds profile folder/directory button.

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Mukparasi Korean-English Dictionary File

A Korean-English dictionary file for Mukparasi.

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Re-submit messages received from users to a predefined recipient(s)

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Linagora ESN OpenPaaS Kein Neustart

Quick access to your Linagora ESN network

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Based on TrustedBird/MiliMail work. Patched to work with lastest Thunderbird.
Permits to use several LDAP directories simultaneously for address autocompletion.

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Synnefo for Filelink

Add Synnefo support to Thunderbird's Filelink feature.

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Sieve Out of Office New

A Thunderbird plugin to allow one to set out of office messages and / or redirect emails to colleagues via a easy to use pop-up dialog.

This Out of Office plugin requires that your POP3 / IMAP server also have a sieve service.

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Open Conversation Button

Adds a toolbar button to open selected email's conversation.

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QuickFilterPlus Kein Neustart

Eigene Filter für die QuickFilter Toolbar

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CardDAV Browser

A utility to browse vCards stored on a CardDAV server.

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