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Warum wurde "Unified Search" geschaffen?

I disagreed with the duplicity for search boxes included in version 3.1 of Thunderbird and I collaborate in bugzilla (where bugs and new features are discussed and tracked in mozilla) speaking about different possibilities to re-unify search boxes; I decide create this extension like a 'proof of concept' to test possible solutions.
Unified Search is not perfect, but evolved enough to be used daily.

Was kommt als nächstes für Unified Search

I expect simplify some things in the UI to be easier to use (and maybe easier to include at Thunderbird by default).
A feature that is currently lost and I expect add is the possibility to choose tags to filter messages (now, 'messages with some tag' filtering option exists, but not 'messages with tag X' like exists in the Quick Filter Bar.

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Name IagoSRL
Ort Galicia, Spain
Beruf Software developer freelance
Homepage https://twitter.com/#!/iagosrl
Benutzer seit November 16, 2008
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