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joli module !!!

une petite mise à jour OUi oui oui !!!

merci !

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Hello, this is a GREAT extensions & thanks for this.
But have you a plan for TB 31.2 because is NO LONGER SUPPORTED.. :/
I have read your reply below, but have you date for extension's upgrade ?

Sorry I don't have a date yet.
For my mass mailing needs I just use an old portable Thundebird 17.

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For small mass emails very helpful.

Now it no longer works since TB 31.0 :-( please fix it.

Here is a locale in German:

No time to produce a new TMR version

Because of work issues I won't be abble to corect TMR and make it work with TB 31.0 before november.
Thanks for the German localisation but the file is unavailable...
Sorry for the inconvenience

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Worked like a charm in TB 24.6.0, a addon that needs to be in Thunderbird from stock.

Broken in TB 31.0 please fix a.s.a.p.

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Tout marchait a merveille.... jusqu’à la nouvelle version de TB. Et depuis rien ne se passe. :-(

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Infelizmente este complemento não resolveu meu problema. Continuo sem conseguir enviar para vários destinatários. Já configurei para 250 recipents, send now.

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Good idea but not perfect implementation.
It starts sending the e-mails only if you close Thunderbird and relaunch it.

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l'add on Too may recipients est vraiment génial. J'ai seulement mais une lilte à 45 mails par message et séparé les envois par 200 ms et SFR a accepté

génial, quel gain de temps !! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Top, avant je saucissonnais moi même mes messages .... avec le temps gagné, j'écris donc ce post, et je vais même me faire un café ;o)

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Occasionally I want to send a mail to a few hundred members of my club. My server allows sending max 50 mails per 15 minutes only. Irrespective of being identical mails. This add-on would be perfect if the pause was not limited to 1000ms.

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Help or user manual Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

I'm waiting for a long time for this addon.
A user manual and an option to specify time interval for send later each mail.
These are the missing things.

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