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I sent a test message to myself to seen what the resulting email looked like and was disappointed to find that this plugin appends "This message was brought to you courtesy of an exwavia Limited plugin" to the message along with a hyperlink to their website selling broadband. Very tacky, I've uninstalled it.

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i am unable to send an email from this app. i tested to my own email address. the email server logs show that the smtp connection cannot negotiate an ssl session. the default outgoing server is set to port 465 , ssl/tls with plain password. TB is version 3.1.9 running on mac osx 10.5.8. ther seems to be no other place to but a bug report. regards

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This is a nice, simple, elegant add-on that doesn't bloat TBird. I have 2 suggestions for you to consider should you get to updating/enhancing: (1) Allow the user to leave some fields blank (e.g. sometimes you don't have a number handy but know the person can look it up); and, (2) Offer the ability to send as plain text or as plain+HTML.

Good & Lightweight

Thanks for the comments - the blank fields is deliberate, and is an attempt to make people fill out the message properly (prevents 'Jack called' with no details).
The plain text and HTML was discounted as HTML (other than being prettier) didn't add anything to functionality

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I'm sorry but it's impossible for me to set a default email because the option button is unclickable (it's still grey). I don't understand what to do to send email and use this wonderful app. thanks for your help.

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Application works a treat and is a must have. Taking messages for people and communicating via post it notes and pieces of paper is a nightmare. How many times do you forget to pass on the message that really matters? Not any more Telephone Message Taker is perfect.

Note: It sends to the default account so make sure that in account settings - account defaults you make sure an account has been set as default. This is a flaw of TB rather than the app itself as most email apps I have used set the first account as default automatically.

Thanks for your comments kilvenny

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I'm now retired, so, I don't have to make that "walk down the hall" to deliver someone else's "you got a phone call" message sticky.
When I was employed professionally, this would have been very useful, and a time saver.

One thought for an enhancement -- just visual. Most people receive e-mails in graphical format (HTML). If you could tweak the add-on to send the note in graphical form resembling the input screen, it would be more attention-getting, more elegant, and would earn 5 stars from me.

HTML doesn't universally work....

...We did think exactly the same as you - having a pretty email would be nicer. Problem is that there is a significant minority of users that block HTML emails, which would make this addon less useful rather than more. We did look at dual send (HTML and Plain text versions sent at the same time) but this bloated the addon.
In the end we plumped for function rather than beauty - and beauty is in what works rather than what looks good in code.
If this drops a star for us - well, I think we'll take that on the chin and accept that it would be nice to have a prettier email - but until HTML is the only format then 4* is the best we can hope from you!
Thanks for taking the time to look at it and review anyway - even though it perhaps is not the most useful addon available to you.