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Thunderbird had a bug which sometimes prevented users from deleting message attachments. That is, you would select an attachment in the attachments pane and tell Thunderbird that you wanted to delete it, and then it would say that it was being deleted, but it wouldn't go away.
I fixed this bug, in a patch that was first released in Thunderbird 5. Unfortunately, my fix changed Thunderbird's behavior in a way that was “correct” but caused grief for a lot of people: it was no longer possible to see certain attachments in the attachments pane that were previously visible.
To resolve this issue, I submitted another patch to add a new message viewing mode, View | Message Body As | All Body Parts, starting in Thunderbird 8. However, the maintainers of Thunderbird decided that this viewing mode is so esoteric that its menu command should not be visible by default.
Therefore, I created this extension to make the command visible so that people who need it can use it.

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Eventually I hope that either this viewing mode will prove sufficiently popular that the maintainers of Thunderbird will allow it to be enabled by default, or more complex attachment viewing functionality will be added to the core Thunderbird product. In either case, this add-on will be obsolete. For the time being, however, it is essential for some people.

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