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Eyal Rozenberg

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Warum wurde "Entfernung doppelter Nachrichten (Alternative)" geschaffen?

I wrote 'removedupes' because I needed to remove duplicates, and there wasn't anything to do it with. Well, actually, that's not exactly true. There's a zombified extension for removing duplicates, but I needed mine to use some other criteria, and to be more customizable - and I couldn't work on the existing extension since it's not Free Software.

The "not Free Software" thing is not just a problem because you can't work with the author to create a new-and-improved version, but because you can't use any of his/her code and you need to blind-rewrite everything. Luckily, my rewrite also improved performance significantly compared to the existing extension, so I guess it was for the best. Initially I even made removedupes a multi-threaded extension! Unfortunately, when I was adding IMAP support and some user feedback/error message, I hit the envelope of Mozilla's low multi-threaded JS capabilities and had to revert back to single-thread work with timeouts.

Was kommt als nächstes für Entfernung doppelter Nachrichten (Alternative)

At some point I might try again to make removedupes multithreaded.

I also want to write some more GUI for folder selection before the search, i.e. having checkboxes so that you can tweak which folders and subfolders you're searching. But it's not trivial to reproduce the folder tree and decorate it.

In the more immediate future it'll be mostly bug fixes and compatibility updates for Thunderbird and Seamonkey releases. I try to address bugs ASAP, and usually have them fixed within a few days of their being reported (or determine that the users just missed something like setting the comparison criteria properly).

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Name Eyal Rozenberg
Ort Amsterdam
Beruf Researcher
Homepage http://removedupes.mozdev.org/
Benutzer seit March 5, 2007
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Wer ist Eyal Rozenberg?

Ph.D. in Theoretical Comp Sci from the Technion, in the field of Property Testing. After a stint at Huawei Research (Toga Networks), I'm now working on the implication of GPUs (and perhaps other computing hardware) for DBMS architectures.<br><br>I'm always busy with a zillion things, so - please be patient with me, I'll get to your bug as soon as I can spare the time.<br><br>I'm not quite starving these days (as opposed to when I was a grad student), and I'm a believer in "donation forwarding", so much of the donation money will be pooled and passed onwards to worthy causes I believe in, be it other Free-and-Open-Software initiatives, refugee relief (or legal defense), support for political prisons, independent media, etc. Do consider donating if you find my extensions useful.