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In our company we use this add-on with different versions of thunderbird. With all the versions there is a problem with connection to the sugarCRM server, at least regarding to the notification, which shows up, when we want to archive an email. In the setting clicking on button test connection, everything is fine. But when we click on button archive, it sais unable to connect to server. Sometimes we are able to archive the mails, wether the notification pops up or not, but most of the cases we are not. How can we manage to solve this problem?


Support Requests

Hi Adam,

We provide a support forum at http://opacus.co.uk/forum, and there is a support email address listed in both the Help section of the addon (Help > Opacus Help) and on the add on listing page (support@opacus.co.uk).

We are always receptive to new issues around the software and try to remedy problems swiftly. As you can see from the version history, there have been 18 updates released since the extension was launched in May 2011, which demonstrates our commitment to the product.

If our support failed you in any way, please can you let me know at jon@opacus.co.uk. We will do our best to address your problems. I hope we together we can improve your current one-star opinion of the extension.

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In our support team we receive a lot of emails and this tool is a great way to help speed up the process of importing emails into Sugar. I've used the Outlook version which has all the feature you could need. The downside is that it is very unstable. When archiving emails it would regularly cause my Outlook 2010 to crash. So I figured let try the Thunderbird version since I use that all the time for my personal email. Let me just say when it comes to speed and stability the Thunderbird plugin works awesome. The downside is that it is missing many of the feature I love in the outlook version.

1. When using the Case Create option it does not automatically add the emails body text into the “Description” field. You would have to manually add that.

2. There is no option to assign the case to a given “Account”. You can select a Contact which is good, but many times a Contact can be setup under several different accounts.

3. The “Cancel” and “Create” buttons placement is driving me crazy. As with the windows standard the “Cancel” button should be on the right and any type of OK/Apply/Create should be on the left.

4. When creating a case it should auto archive the email to that case.

5. Lastly, if possible, I would love to see once a case is created, that a confirmation appears with the “Case Number” and if possible a link to the case.

Once those features are added we will be upgrading to Pro for our entire support and sales team.

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very good addon Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

works great, archives multiple mails to sugar, fast and simple, prompt support from the developers. I recommend it.
Good job guys!

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Thank you, very much for your review. We have added several new features since 1.0.7 and hope you continue to enjoy using our software - Jon

Great software... well worth the price Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

The pro version haS all of the functionality I was looking for and the support from the developers was great. Features that I use most are the ability to search multiple accounts/emails/ key words at a time and the ability to edit the subject and body of an email. Nice work guys!

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (1.0.7) abgegeben. 


Thanks for your review and continued support - Jon