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No need for me to send you images. The problem was that I had simultaneously FF3 and FF4 on the same machine. Noia2 stores it's config in userchrome.css and noi4 in a specific folder. But the css files called have the same name, so it creates conflicts. After deleting some lines in userchrome, it's now correct.Still a small background problem, in black and blue versions (but Ok in gray) for the Add-ons window and visible when the list is not too long. If this window is quite large (on wide screen for example), the graduated image is repeated twice and I think the look is not so good.
Nevertheless, as told before, nice work.
Gerard D. (gd_on)

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (1.1.7) abgegeben. 

I new about that for a long time ;-) It will be fixed on next update.

And a small hint if you really need to use FF3 and FF4 on same system. Use portable FF3 so FF3 doesn't mess around with your FF4 profile. ->

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With last version some options, who worked before, are now not operational. I'm on Windows XP SP3, FF4.0.1, french version.
Changing round tabs has no effects in the main window (it was Ok with previous release). In my last post, I wanted to speak about tabs in Options (or Preferences)/Advanced tabs which are not rounded.
Changing the shadow has no effects.
And some others... but not all ! Even after a FF restart.
In the error console, there are many errors. You should probably try to correct some of them (Mozilla reviewers doesn't like those errors !).
I think that obtaining a graduated gray background, as it was in Options tabs windows in FF3 is possible, but may be I'm wrong. Nevertheless, in Walnut theme for FF4, the author uses images for options backgrounds and in Noia Theme for ThunderBird It works too. OK, TB is in version 3 (ok with 3.3a) but this version shares many codes with FF4, so it's why I think it's possible.

Gerard D (or Gd_on)

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (1.1.7) abgegeben. 

Could you please make some screenshots and upload them to

1. Round tabs are working fine here FF 4.01 XP SP3, Win7x64, Win7x86. It must be something wrong on your side with your FF (have you tried a clean profile?). Are you sure you are setting the right option? (left radio for off, right radio for on). "Round tabs option" has only effect on main tabs in main window, not on preferences dialogs. Tabs on "preferences dialogs" will have rounded upper left/right corners in 1.2.5.
2. Setting tab shadows is only for main tabs and not for preferences dialog tabs. I don't see any white shadows on any tabs here (please provide a screenshot).
3. I don't think reviewers care about some declaration errors, that have no effect on how FF looks like but I fix them in v1.2.5.
4. Like I said before "graduated gray background on preferences tab menus" is not so important for a theme to work. It will be "fixed" in v1.2.5

Could you list all installed Addons, so I can see, if something breaks Noia4 options.

All options are working fine here. It must be something wrong with your Firefox. Please create a new clean Firefox profile and test the theme on it.

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Thanks for the update.
I think that the background color in option windows for the gray version is not good. In Noia2 3.76 it's a specific gray for simple windows or a graduated gray background for windows with tabs. In Noia4, it's the standard default theme background in any case for the gray version, though it's better in blue or dark versions.
Secondly, the tabs were rounded in Noia2 3.76, here they are not.
Nevertheless, good job.


Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (1.1.7) abgegeben. 

You can set round tabs in Noia4 options. Noia 2 had this as an options too and not as default set.

You were right about the gray. It was the wrong one. Fixed on v1.2.4.

"or a graduated gray background for windows with tabs" -> there are changes on FF4. That doesn't work anymore like it did in FF3.