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Warum wurde "No Message Pane Sort by Mouse" geschaffen?

No Message Pane Sort by Mouse was my first ever addon for Mozilla Thunderbird. I've been using Thunderbird for years now and was always frustrated when I accidentally resorted my messages while trying to select a message. I guess, it happens more often to people who, like me, have the newest message on top.

Sometime in 2009 I noticed a Mozilla sponsored addon workshop for Firefox. I attended it and came back with the idea for No Message Pane Sort by Mouse, which I got of the ground over the course of a weekend.

And here we are: It's in its fifth revision, enjoyes lots of downloads and more than a hundred daily users, who contributed positive reviews as well as emails and feature requests.

It's a nice little addon.

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I consider the addon to be feature complete. If you have any suggestions or found a bug, please contact me.

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Name speedball2001
Homepage http://www.janek.org
Benutzer seit June 13, 2008
Anzahl der entwickelten Add-ons 3 Add-ons
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Wer ist speedball2001?

I'm Janek Schwarz, 37 years old, married, two daughters, software developer. I live in Berlin, Germany.<br><br>In my day job, I'm one of the founders of EDI+EXPERTS (www.ediexperts.de), a software and consulting company for electronic data interchange.<br><br>In my spare time I like to go rock shows, play in a table tennis team and, if my time permits, develop addons for Thunderbird.