Great Concept Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

It does exactly what the developer says that it does and I like the idea of this add-on, but I currently have 20 search plugins installed and some are very site and/or content specific and not general such as Google etc so running a search through all search plugins is just too much for me personally.

What would make this an awesome and very useful add-on is the ability to create sets of search plugins to use so for example, I could run a search on a particular phrase using a customized set of search plugins such as Google, Wikipedia, etc and name the set General etc.
I could also create a set named Mozilla that contained search plugins for Mozilla Developer Center, mozillaZine Knowledge Base, and so on.

I could just as easily use Google Co-Op but this add-on would allow me to get results for each site individually. Adding a toolbar button would also be great.

Thanks for developing this. I hope that you can and do implement the search sets idea.

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