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Jonathan Protzenko

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I believe Thunderbird 3 has the potential to become a real, innovative, powerful desktop email client ; I also think some people will always prefer using a real desktop email client that's integrated into the system rather than using webmails. However, some seemingly trivial features are missing in Thunderbird 3, and the team currently does not have the manpower to implement them. This is where I come in :-).

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I will make sure this add-on keeps working with newer versions of Thunderbird.

I have some long-standing user requests in my TODO list: being able to hide local folders, being able to further customize the folder pane... The UI also needs to be cleaned up, it's sometimes not very intuitive. Some of these features will gradually make it into the development version, check it out in the meanwhile. I'm still open to bug reports or feature requests!

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Name Jonathan Protzenko
Ort Paris, France
Beruf Ph.D. Candidate
Homepage http://www.xulforum.org/
Benutzer seit March 5, 2007
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