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I have had it for a long time but I had never really used it. I tried it and all I got were server errors. Is it another case of abandonware?

The TB catalog is dying!

Good, but some bugs Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Thanks for doing this extension, it is great. There is some bugs and missing features, however.

- When checking the grammar on Linux with TB24, the compose windows is resized too much, and the bottom is not visible anymore. Worst, I cannot resize it. I am not sure that resizing the compose windows to see the grammar results is so great. Maybe a popup window would be better?
- It would be great to ignore some parts of the compose windows, especially the signature and the citations.

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Great! Could you automatically follow the language selected by the spelling checker? This way the correct set of rules from will be used. You don't have to build a language selector yourself and can always use English as default. I am already looking forward to the next version.

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It's a really useful extension. It definitely deserve to be included in the Thunderbird next to the spell-checker. Of course, some improvements are required, but it's a great start.

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