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I crave for this addon to work but I get a strange error when trying to use it. Whenever I open a mail I get a popup with the header "[Javascript Application]" and window body being:
closing socket2

1 NO Empty username or password. **************** "

The **** are actually a random string of lower case letters and numbers with that length.

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not working with TB 38.3.0 Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

Downloaded the recommended version for TB > 17, but still not working.

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If it is not working, please report the errors you are seeing to I am guessing that you have Oauth2 enabled for your account which is not supported yet. See for a workaround.

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So I was about to write a review that said the dev track wasn't working in TB 17.0.1, but decided to try one last thing. Switching to "classic reader" mode. When I do, and scroll through the 30 header lines at the top of the message, I see this functionality working. However, it's not practical in the current state, since I have to be in a specific reader mode and I have to constantly scroll to see and interact with them.

Please enhance when you next have the time so that it works within the default reader pane and conversation tab within TB17+, as well as appearing within or just below the header content so that it's visually apparent and not buried.

Thanks for the great work thus far! It takes skill to do these add-ons and not many of us have it.

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Possible Install Bug Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I recommend this add-on if you have a Gmail account or a Google Apps account and have more than the default folders. Follow the authors advice and use the correct version. Also, follow Google's recommended Thunderbird settings for Gmail accounts except for your account in Account Settings > Server Settings, under "When I delete a message:" "Move it to this folder:" select Trash. Possible bug follows:

I installed Gmail Buttons 0.5.1 on Thunderbird 17.0.2. I had to disable the add-on and re-enable it to get Gmail labels to show up in the message header. I don't know if this is a bug in the add-on, Thunderbird, interference from another add-on, or just a glitch.

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The ability to display Gmail labels (and remove them by clicking) is the single most significant feature missing in the Thunderbird e-mail experience. This is a fantastic add-on! I wanted this feature so much I was thinking about trying to spend my next vacation trying to hack together an extension to do this (and I likely would have run out of time before doing so successfully). THANK YOU!!

A couple ideas/issues with the buttons:

1. Change the "Delete" button (or add a replacement button that sends the same Thunderbird command) so that it more accurately describes the action that it performs--removing the e-mail from the current folder (the current Gmail label). Perhaps call the button "Remove Label" (or just "Remove") and change the red X icon to something that doesn't imply deleting.

2. The "Trash" button initially displays as "Trash" with the icon, but then once I add it to the toolbar the text changes to "Error".

UPDATE: The "Trash" button appears to work if the "When I delete a message" option is set to "Move it to this folder: [Gmail]/Trash" but not if it is set to "Just mark it as deleted" or "Remove it immediately". Only the former setting causes Thunderbird 16 to display the Trash folder with the GUI trash icon. Perhaps you should configure the "Trash" button to Move to "[Gmail]/Trash" regardless of the Thunderbird setting for "When I delete a message".

UPDATE 2: After changing the setting to "Move it to this folder: [Gmail]/Trash" and then changing it back to "Just mark it as deleted", the "Trash" button still appears to work. So I'm not sure what caused the glitch.

Other UI Thoughts:

1. I know (think) that X-GM-LABELS does not return the label for the current folder, so it is excluded from the list of Gmail Labels displayed in the header. BUT, I think it would be nice to still see that label listed as a convenient way to see at a glance which labels are applied to the e-mail (without also having to look up at the tab to see "SUBJECT - Folder"). It would be even better if the current folder could be displayed with a unique UI feature (such as a different color).

2. It would be great if the Gmail Labels were clickable so that, as in the Gmail website, clicking on a label would open that folder.

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This add-on is a godsend. Being a part of the bugzilla monitoring means I already know about the bug that WADA started about various GMail IMAP extensions, and I've been following it very closely. Until then, there is this.

2dlech - nice to know that this works as well as you say even in trunk builds which are my daily drivers :P

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Awesome! I installed the xpi from dlech's github page ( and he actually made it happen! I know it is still very early stages but he has real gmail labels working!

Maybe there will finally be a proper, unified solution to managing gmail in thunderbird using the tools available.

My dream for thunderbird and gmail:
- Only IMAP sync the all mail folder and trash folder.
- Keeps only one copy of any given email on your system.
- Use gmail X-GM-LABELS to create the inbox and sent folders by searching the All Mail folder for the proper label. Then when you archive a email out of the inbox it will delete the X-GM-LABEL for inbox.
- Use gmail X-GM-LABELS to create smart search folders for labels
- Use X-GM-THRID id's to create the conversation views. Gmail already does the work (more accurately than thunderbird conversations)

Can anyone make this happen?

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Props to polybizman for getting into the source code.

I have good news: The folks behind Thunderbird are actually planning on making suggestions above,or something very like it, a part of the core Thunderbird product. (

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I'd love to see this addon compatible with Postbox. Do you think that's possible? It would most likely be a matter of changing a few parameters, such as product, version, etc. and it would give your addon more visibility. It would be great since Postbox is so focused on being a Gmail desktop program, but it's lacking the features of your addon.

This is from the Postbox website:
Postbox now contains add-on capabilities. We are currently focused on helping add-on authors make their existing Mozilla based add-ons compatible with Postbox. If you are an add-on author and would like to make your add-on compatible, please contact us at and we'll be happy to help!

Thanks a lot for your hard work, I really appreciate your addon!

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