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Warum wurde "Gmail Buttons" geschaffen?

I have a Gmail account that I use with Thunderbird. If you do too, you probably have noticed that it doesn't always behave the same as other email accounts. When I started this add-on, I was meaning to fix another problem, but when I finished, I realized I had not addressed the original problem at all. Silly me. However, Gmail Buttons still turned out to be useful.
(For more on the "other problem" see the Auto Save Drafts Folder add-on.)

Was kommt als nächstes für Gmail Buttons

  • Add a "Not Spam" button when you are in the Spam folder.
  • Have the ability to send multiple messages to Trash or Spam at the same time
  • Show all message labels in the header area of a message. However, this will require fixing a function in Thunderbird itself first. (Bug 735542)
  • I would like feedback on what you would find useful. Preferably here.

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