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work perfectly no bugs

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If it would work properly, I would have rated it a 5 stars but it has issues. I am running Windows 8.1, Thunderbird 24.4.0, and dual monitor -- I have tired it without any other add-on running with the same results. Here are the issues:

1) sometimes not all the the time but some times it causes the whole button bar with "Reply Reply To All Forward" etc... to be move over the From line. Hover the mouse pointer over the "bar" causes it to move back to the right hand side of the window.

2) The button right now should be only matching one filter but it has 3 filters. And if I run one the "bad" filters it moves the message to what ever that filter says even though it isn't correct.

3) It shows that there are filters for messages that doesn't have a filter.

There are no errors in the "Error Console." I do however have screen captures to show what I am talking about.


Edit March 25, 2014 2:30 a.m. CDT (Reply):
I have multiple accounts setup (7 accounts.) My Primary account has over 560 filters in place with about 900 private folders and I don't know how many public folders -- this account points to an IMAP4 server with about 1 TB of space for me and a couple of others. All the others are either IMAP4 or POP3 accounts that have filters pointing to folders on the Primary Account and at least one of those accounts has over 250 filters.

With a clean profile with about 20 filters in place and only one account, I don't have the issue with multiple filters and incorrect filters. I did try to copy the msgFilterRules.dat over to the new profile, as I was using the same primary account, and had the same results with multiple filters showing up. I do have ever have the issue of the whole button bar being moved over the subject. I have discovered that this happens when I have had Thunderbird up and running for a very long period.

Hello George,

unfortunately, I cannot reproduce those issues. Do they also occur when you try the addon on a clean profile, without any other addons installed?

Best regards

Äußerst praktisch, wenn man wiederkehrende Mails lesen und ablegen möchte! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Ich erhalte täglich E-Mails, die ich zunächst zur Kenntnis nehmen möchte, dann aber jeweils in immer wiederkehrende IMAP-Ordner verschiebe. Da ich eine große Ordner-Hierarchie verwende, ist das manuelle Verschieben in Ordner recht mühsam, selbst mit Hilfsmitteln wie Quickfolders & Co.

Das Add-On erlaubt mir, das Verschieben (oder auch Löschen) auf Knopfdruck zu erledigen, da es mir gemäß meiner hinterlegten Filterregeln den richtigen Ordner vorschlägt.
Ich habe lang nach passenden AddOns gesucht, die mir diese Vorgehensweise ermöglichen, aber dieses ist das einzig praktikable.

Real time saver Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Thi is wonderfull extension, which I was missing in thunderbird. I can leave all messages in Inbox, so I fast see new incoming messages, and after I read them, easily move it to specific folder. Do not need to think where to move it, do not need to drag and drop.

However version 1.0.1 doesn't work after upgrading to Thunderbird 24.0.1 (the button just do nothing, even no error in console). I tried reinstall, reenable the button, but nothing helped. Could you please check that? Sorry to post this in reviw, but I didn't find any support forum or helpdesk for this extension.

Appendix: mentioned issue was solved by developer within 24 hours, such excellent support. Thank you very much.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (1.0.1) abgegeben. 

Fixed in version 1.1.0

Thank you for your review and your bug report! I just uploaded version 1.1.0 which fixes the bug you described.
It may take some time until the update is reviewed by mozilla. If you are impatient, you can use this link to download the newest version:

[v1.0.1] Sorry, aber bei mir funktioniert es NICHT! / Sorry, but for me it does NOT work! Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

Mit "mTB 17.0.6esr" in Win7 wird leider kein Button mit dem Namen: "auto filter" angezeigt, dass ich der Kopfzeilen-Symbolleiste im Nachrichten-Lese-Fenster hinzufügen könnte.

Ich habe es sowohl im deutschen, als auch im englischen Thunderbird ausprobiert.


With "mTB 17.0.6esr" in Win7 will not have a button with the name displayed as "auto filter" that I could add to the header toolbar in the message reader window.

I've tried it both in German and also in English Thunderbird.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (1.0.1) abgegeben. 


how did you try to add the button? You have to right-click on the toolbar that contains the buttons "Reply", "Forward", "Archive", "Delete",... (the one to the right of the message subject) and select "Customize".
The Toolbar at the top of the window will not work.