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Warum wurde "Enhanced Priority Display" geschaffen?

Many, many users wanted to be able to display message priorities as icons rather than words, and this add-on makes that happen! Furthermore, since some people might not think the priority icons are sufficient, and others might not want to give up screen real-estate for them, I decided to add some other user interface features to the add-on to make message priorities visible in other ways.

Was kommt als nächstes für Enhanced Priority Display

The feature which puts red or blue stripes in the background of high- or low-priority messages doesn't work so well on some platforms when one of these messages is selected by clicking on it in the thread pane. This is due to deficiencies in Thunderbird which will need to be fixed in the core application before I can improve that functionality in the add-on. I've filed a couple of bug reports with Mozilla asking for these deficiencies to be addressed, and when they are, I will update the add-on to take advantage of the new functionality!

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Benutzer seit July 9, 2010
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