Could you please Add Thunderbird 45 compatibility Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Please update it

no funciona Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

no funciona en thunderbird 38 :(

We need this for Postbox Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

This add-on might not be needed in Thunderbird anymore (according to a user below) but over in the Postbox camp our mail client says "Me" on practically every email. I'd really like to be able to make it more like Tb2 where there's no dumb address processing. This extension would do that nicely if it was made compatible :-)

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The addon Disable "You" worked in tb3 for me, but does nothing in tb5.

I installed this addon when I had Thunderbird 3 because I used the program to manage two email accounts. As I recall, this addon replaced "You" with the relevant email address. It would do this for both the "To" field of any email I'm reading, and

Thunderbird 5 is different. Regardless of whether this addon is enabled or disabled, there is now an option built into tb5 (located under Tools >> Options >> Advanced >> Reading & Display >> Display) to "Show only display name for people in my address book." Enabling this option it causes "You" to appear in the "To" field of emails I've received, and disabling it causes my name and email address to appear in the "To" field. Neither option changes what appears in the "Recipient" column of the list of emails. This column appears to display whatever the sender typed because it varies from email to email -- my email address, my email address inside quotation marks, my full name, my nickname with my last name, and my nickname with my last name all in quotation marks are the most common entries in that column. This addon does not change any of these behaviors.

I would like an addon that replaced all of these various recipients with my email address.

NOT needed in tb5 Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

from what i can tell, this is not needed in tb5. i've not installed it but i'm seeing my name instead of "you" in the TO field of each email when viewed in either a tab or a msg window.

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I'd find it less bothersome if Tb said "Me" instead of "You" (because, honestly, I really don't personify software programs). How about an option just to do that? :D

Does what it says, but config option is smarter! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Thanks to Digital Citizen I was able to have the To just always show the exact information from the email header, that is exactly what I wanted! Thank you very much. The config option works like a charm! Read his review for more information.

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A must have, if you have multiple email accounts.

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Excellent add-on, indispensable if you already know who you are, and don't need Thunderbird to tell you about it ;-)
Thank you to the author!

Must-Have! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Only opportunity to deal with many eMail addresses without getting headaches; Thanks author!

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Thanks I got the update!!!

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Thank you and can you please disable me on TB3.1 as well?

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Thank you very much, this add-on is exactly what I was looking for!
Can't stand that kind of addressing either, especially as I'm using several e-mail accounts.

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perfect. Thank you. Excellent when trying to figure out which account is getting spam.

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perfect. Thank you. Excellent when trying to figure out which account is getting spam.

You saved TB3 on my computer Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Thank you very much. I mean it. I was just going to do my first downgrade of Mozilla software, ever. The "you" facility is the second most annoying misfeature in TB3 (second to the new "smart" unsteerable and self-conscious IMAP behavior). I do have multiple accounts concentrating in my TB and i need to know which one is referenced right there. And i don't have time for mindless pointing and hovering over tiny 10x5px area. I don't believe that anybody actually asked for this, and consider it a prominent example of harmful feature creep. I also second the opinions on "show condensed addresses". I do appreciate the matching of symbolic name in most cases. Except the "you" disaster.

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"Why not set mail.showCondensedAddresses instead?"
Because it isn't the same. Using about:config is the same option as you can find it in Options-> Advanced -> Read & View. Using this addon your name gets viewed as is and not replaced by 'You', while all other recipients you've got in your address book are displayed only by their saved names as well.

Why not set mail.showCondensedAddresses instead? Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Another way to do this without an add-on: toggle the setting of mail.showCondensedAddresses to false in the config editor (run Thunderbird, go to Preferences..., select the Advanced tab, select the General sub-tab (might not be necessary), press the "Config Editor..." button, then copy/paste in "mail.showCondensedAddresses" and double-click the entry that appears to toggle).

I did this while looking at an email addressed to me and when I toggled the setting the To: header showed my email address immediately. Then I quit Thunderbird and the setting is saved.

I greatly appreciate the community for writing and maintaining add-ons. However add-ons in general are a considerable security risk (you're executing more code with an add-on) and possible impediment to upgrading to subsequent versions of the host program when add-ons go unmaintained. I'd rather not take on these possible inconveniences for something as simple as a toggling preference setting.

I'm selecting a rating of 4 stars even though I neither like nor dislike this add-on. I appreciate the code brevity (even if you're non-technical, read the source code of this add-on; it's incredibly short) and I like that it helped point me to the preference setting to toggle (searched on the word "condense" in the config editor).

I don't know how this add-on is licensed so I can only guess that the add-on is free software which means that the add-on respects the user's software freedom to study, run, improve, and share.

This extensions does different work

No. This extensions does different work. Just disable \"You\" and nothing more. With preference \"mail.showCondensedAddresses\" you disable looking to your adressbook for contact name.

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Great. Thanks. I find the 'you' pretty silly.