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I installed this in the hope that, finally, I wouldn't have to navigate two context menus to change between english and german dictionaries.
This addon, however, only adds buttons. One that gives the abbreviated name of the active dictionary, the other with a drop-down men.
If I click the one that lists the dictionary name, the name that is listed changes. Yay.
The active dictionary, meanwhile, does not change. Nay.
The other, with the drop down, won't list anything other than "English/United States". Even though I have three dictionaries installed. Re-installing one of the German dictionaries and repeatedly restarting Firefox did not change anything, at all.
This addon was a frustrating waste of time.

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I installed this, tried it out.
Uninstalled it, reinstalled.
Multiple Firefox restarts between either.
I use it to switch the dictionary setting. It shows it has switched to another dictionary.
But spellcheck does not come along and sticks to the previous setting. I must still work my way through the context menu to switch dictionaries.
So far, all this has done for me is display a dictionary choice in my tool bar that bears at best incidental resemblance to the dictionary that the spellcheck will refer to.