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Warum wurde "Bork Bork Bork!" geschaffen?

Originally inspired by the Opera Bork Edition, I had hoped to release it in time for April Fool pranks in 2005. Since most of the functionality to filter and Bork web pages by URL was present, it was an easy step to also add in URL blocking. As an anti-spam software author, I absolutely hate online advertising and the "in your face" attack by marketers to push their crap where ever I look. So being able to filter out online advertising became an extra feature. Shortly after the first releases, I added Thunderbird support and I found that I could turn junk mail into something funny.

Was kommt als nächstes für Bork Bork Bork!

Want to redesign the UI: separate Allow, Block, Bork patterns into separate lists for easier management. Fix the Bork tag facility that has been broken since security model changes in Firefox 3.0. Improve the HTML object filtering from hard coded patterns to allow user specified list.

One day if I can ever find a suitable grammar / method, I'd love to create a "Yoda" mode and maybe a "Yoda & Chef" conversation mode that would convert text into a conversation between Chef and Yoda, which I think would make for really funny reading. One day...

Über den Entwickler

Name Snert
Ort Montreal, Canada
Beruf Software Developer
Homepage http://www.snert.com/
Benutzer seit March 5, 2007
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Wer ist Snert?

I can also be found on http://twitter.com/SirWumpus. I also write a blog about life, tech., and lot of haiku poetry at http://nanozen.info/