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I would like to congratulate for this amazing add-on.
There is nothing better for organizing emails.

I'm just having one trouble,
I have a side account only for employees and I would like to provide only the last 30 days e-mails. copying them to their account, and after that , deleting 30 days older e-amails.

But the add on has no possibility to choose emails "newer than" an age.

Do you have any solution for this case ?

Thanks in advance.

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Works well for me.
If it were actively supported, I would make a donation.

Could be very usefull ... but isn't (supported anymore) ! A pity Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

I have Thunderbird setup to archive with

Yearly archived folders
Keep existing folder structure

When I archive in TB a message from the Inbox, it get's stored under Archives\2016\Inbox
When I use AwesomeArchive with the Scope-Only it get's stored under Archive\2016

When I archive in TB a message from the Inbox\AAA, it get's stored under Archives\2016\Inbox\AAA
When I use AwesomeArchive with the Scope-Only it get's stored under Archive\2016\AAA

As a result, it's not possible with AwesomeArchive to archive messages from Inbox or Sent in corresponding Subdir

Maybe It's by-design but I consider it as wrong. The TB-rules should be followed, eventually with an overuling separate switch or additional Scopes in AwesomeArchive.

If this would be changed, then the Addon would be very usefull !
I contacted the author several times, but it seems we no longer can expect progress in it, really really a pity

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I try to use it for tags. But it does not work. I use 64-bit Fossamail, can that be the problem? I have many other extentions working ok with Fossamail.

no help: Age field mean older or younger Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

it is not clear Age field whats mean?

hierarchical archiving Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

i am using Awesome Auto Archive to archive my Mail inboxes. Since using it half a year ago im very curious what the exact difference in the scope setting between "hierarchiy" and "and subdir" is. I could not find a documentation so i now would like to ask you to answer this question.
Maybe you can help me out of this?

Only just working with TB 38.2.0 Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

In view of the other reviews I suspect that this add-on is not really compatible with TB 38.2.0. There are so many things that don't work or only partially work that it is difficult to know where to begin but one critical one is that it does not seem to be possible to save options. Some of the issues are not vital but one kind of wants a rock solid implementation if one is going to trust it with automatically deleting messages.

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Great Addon !
Thank you very much.

French language ? Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

It is a great add'on. Thank you
Is it possible to translate it in french language ?

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Great extension

Awesome add-on! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Exactly what I needed - archiving and message copying to grab things from my IMAP folders and store them locally after they have aged properly :)

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Very useful Add-On! I only would like to set the time lag after that an email is moved/copied/deleted not only in day, but also in hours. Is that possible? Will it be possible in some further release? Thx

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I was looking for an addon that would sort my incoming emails to specific folders (depending on some criterias) and this one does it just fine.Many thanks to the developer.

I thought about some additions :) :
* Be able to copy a rule into a new one
* Be able to edit the destination path manually, so there is no need to browse the full tree again
* Add an option so AAA creates automatically a not existing destination subfolder
* Be able to import/export rules and replace some text in the rules

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I redact my original rating.

Quote:I set this to archive emails older then 365 days from two inboxes. I have ran this add-on over 4 times and it does make a 2013 and 2014 folder under the archive and it does move some emails. However, I still have emails that are time stamped 2011 and 2012 in my inbox. Why isn't it moving all the emails that are older then 365?

1. You need to check your archive settings in TB so sub folder will be created when archive.
2. You can enable verbose information in this addon's advanced settings and then check the skip reason in error console, I guess you have too much emails and AAA only work on limit number of emails in one run (default 500)

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I had initially thought that this add-on's preference setting to disable Thunderbird's animated popup window had gotten rid of all of Thunderbird's annoying, disruptive, stupid, pop-up alerts that Thunderbird displays often when processing filters on incoming emails leaving my only remedy to be to have a constantly running service on my linux machine looking for the alert box to close it. There is always a delay in closing it, it always moves the focus to Thunderbird from other apps and makes even not usable in Thunderbird until the morning inbound mail filtering completes rendering my computer non-usable during that time. I was so happy to have thought that this add-on solved that problem that I contributed a donation to the developer of this add-on. However, unfortunately, I found that that preference option of this add-on did not in fact solve that problematic alert window issue with Thunderbird.

This archive add-on for what it is intended for remains to be outstanding thus far however and still deserves the full 5 stars. I am able to specify folders to be automatically archived and I can have all the sub-folders also archived. The only initial issue I had faced was that the auto-archive was disrupting the morning inbound email fetching when the auto-archive started upon opening Thunderbird (email fetch also starts when I open the app), but that was easily solved by just increasing the number of seconds for auto-archive to start running. I gave myself plenty of buffer by setting it to 30 minutes.

Great job!!!!

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I use this this extention from some months. My experience with Thunderbird improved so much I think if I hadn't this addon I would be lost.

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Very nicely done and but for one bug (?) not usable for me.

The problem: I get a mail from "CASHCONTROL" when I use my credit card. So I have a lot of mail from the same sender with the same subject. Only thing different: the date. If I tell AAA to "move" the mail from the in-box, it tells me, that the mail already exists and will not move it. Technically the mail does not exist, as the date is different!!!! Can't see a way around this!

How to solve: When checking for duplicates, the date has to be checked also! It is only a duplicate, if it has the same date/time stamp.

Or: Maybe allow a move without checking for duplicate?

5 stars and surely my favorite tool for THUNDER once this is "fixed"!!!

AAA checks for duplicates using Message-ID, not subject or date or anything else. Message-ID as it's name is the identification of the message, normally it contains date & sequential ID so it's should be different for messages you got from CASHCONTROL.

So you can verify by either:
1. select the messages and press Ctrl+u, then search Message-ID in the message source, to see if they have the same Message-ID
2. in version 0.6, If you enable 'Show verbose information in error console' of the addon's advanced settings, then you can know in detail for why the message was not moved, eg, duplicate, unread, has tags etc

Finally, there was already an option for this in advanced settings, you can choose 'delete' for "When doing 'move' and the same messages already exists in dest folder...'


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It works very well, scheduling and all, except for a few very small details:
- What does your program do if I select "0" for "Age" ? I hoped it would execute the rule, even on mails that just came in. I'm not sure if it does.
- The reason I'm not sure is because I have created a rule for every account (I have a few dozen accounts in TB) that should move alll mails in the Spam/Junk/Bulk folders to my spamassin public Baeysian Learning Spam folder at the moment they arrive. These don't work. So I'm not sure if it's because age = 0 or if it's because your add-on does not check Spam/Junk/Bulk folders.
I have a mixture of Gmail, Yahoo and SMTP accounts, all IMAP, all configured to download everything to my PC.
All rules work as hoped, except for those SPAM folders.
Can you give me a hint? Thanks in advance.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (0.5) abgegeben. 

Could you send a mail to, with a screen-shoot of your settings?
The Spam folder shouldn't be filter out if the are the source folder in option dialog.

It's not because of 'age=0', just because I filter out Spam/Junk/Bulk folders automatically unless the action is 'delete'. As I thought 'copy/move/archive' spam emails was meaningless, which seems not correct for your case.

I'll change it in next release, maybe adding another option.

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I gave 5 stars for the idea.

Unfortunately I still use TB17 so I like to ask you to reimplement support for TB17 again.

Many thanks in advance.

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You need upgrade to newer version to use the latest version of this addon, it's easier than me to make it compatible as some of the new features requires new TB.

Also TB31 will comes out in 2~3 months.

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I install this 24.5.0 portable version I get duplicate e-mails. I delete popstate and all other files,reinstall nothing works till I cancel all addon,problem was solved. step by step I turn the addon back on when I turn awesome on I get back this duplicate mails sometimes 5 or 6 times the same mail ,when I turn off everything is normal please try to solve this problem

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (0.5) abgegeben. 

You need to use 0.6 beta version @