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Warum wurde "Automatisches Wechseln des Wörterbuchs" geschaffen?

I use to write emails in 3 languages at work, and I like to check the spellchecker before sending the mails.
I realized that it would be really useful that Thunderbird remembered which language I choose for each set of recipients. It seemed easy and a good chance to see how was the extension development on Thunderbird.

Was kommt als nächstes für Automatisches Wechseln des Wörterbuchs

I do not pretend to update this addon with new features by now.

I have fixed the bugs appeared but I won't follow the planned 2.x version as I realized that the current implementation and features reduced my times I changed the dictionary from 100 to 10 or even less, and that was really enough for me.

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Benutzer seit September 30, 2008
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