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Seems the author didn't update the addon to support sub directory for a long time now.

There are 2 new addons that can be tried:

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At the beginning of every month I use to take the time to select all email older than 2-3 months and press the archive button.... no more... I've been using this add-on for the last few months and I can't believe it took me so long to find this. It works great. My inbox is not under control :-) ... archived at least.

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I am also wondering if other folders than Inbox could be set up for auto-archiving. That would make this extension perfect but without it this is only a half solution. Here you go some donation, hoping results soon... :)

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Who leaves all their emails in the inbox? Anyone? Frankly I am surprised that Thunderbird doesn't do this automatically. But this add-on is of limited use unless it archives all email in the tree.

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alles spitze

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Looks useful, but as a new Thunderbird user, I am still working through all the options. This Add-on does not have the usual option menu, at least that I can find, or information on how it works with the Thunderbird retention.

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great! really thank you.

pls fix the possibility to use this not only to inbox, but outbox, too

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Finally!!! Very useful, the only downside is the lack of folder tree support in the archives. I really hope CountZero will have the time to implement that!

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I would to know the release date for the new version with autoarchive on all folder.

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Agreeing with blubb. It's very useful. But we extremely need the tree of subfolders and option to archive by size (for example, 3.9 GB).I propose the following scheme:We have folder Work in Inbox (for example). When the file Work gets critical size, the subfolder Work{YYYYMMDD_HHNNSS} (needs the specific mask) will be created and all files from Work will be moved to this subfolder. Files with specific mask {YYYYMMDD_HHNNSS} do not need to archive.

Sorry, but I will not implement this feature in my addon, because I think that it will be difficult to implement it using Thunderbird Javascript API. Additionaly, moving 3,9 Gb of data using Thunderbird Javascript API will be extremely slow. Instead, you can use some script at start of Thunderbird, for example here is my simple bash script that can be used on Linux to move Inbox folder into archive folder:
countzero@countzero:/media/samba/Alex|⇒ cat
NOW=`date +%d.%m.%Y`
find ~/.thunderbird/*/Mail/*/Inbox -type f -size +1G -exec mv '{}' '{}'_$NOW \; -exec mv '{}'.msf '{}'_$NOW.msf \;
One small problem with this solution: on some systems sometimes Thunderbird does not rename correctly Inbox folder into archive folder (may be because it is still contains Inbox flag or some other reason), and you will have two folders named Inbox in Thunderbird. And this solution is platform-dependent.

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Extremely helpful. However, to unleash to full potential of this plugin, it should work on all folders of an account. Is there any release plan?

edit: great, thanks a lot!

edit2: any updates yet? do you need any type of coding support?

At this moment I still working on options interface, I hope that I'll complete it this week.

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Looks very useful and like this is exactly what I need right now.
Any news on the new version which will use on other folders than inbox as well?

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Looks very useful, especially with the promised January fix for subfolders. Does this work at start-up or shut down?

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Seems to work only on the main Inbox folder for an account. If you have sub folders under your Inbox, this extension will NOT auto archived those folders. My only complaint so far -- if it did this i would give 5 stars.

I'm working on a new version of the extension, which will work with any folders. I will publish it in January.

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I didn't find a option to set the day before archive my mails. I didn't see anything, how this addons work.But if it will be similar, I and sure many people donate you, because Thunderbird will be better than MS Outlook.

Click menu Edit->Account settings and set all options that you need in a section "Archiving settings".

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it work only on incoming folder on my Thunderbird 15.0.1

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OK :) But why it do not work with RSS-accounts?

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Thank you! Saved me a ton of manual click labor :).
Installed without problems.
My IMAP is limited to 4GB and mails are getting bigger and bigger. To save mails offline, I created a local Archiv-Folder,
set Autoarchive to 90 days - and on next Thunderbird start the mails started flowing into the preset yearly folders.
Simple, easy, no errors so far.

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