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Version 0.13.3 121.7 kB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.0a1pre und neuer

* bugfix: For TB <= v14.*, addon crashed at TB start then sending mails was blocked (bug introduced in v0.13.2).

* bugfix: If main icon has been removed from toolbar then addon crashed when loading while opening compose dialog, hence some initializations were not fully completed.

Version 0.13.2 121.6 kB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.0a1pre und neuer

* In options and interactive options dialogs, for each dimension setting with a width list and a height list, then both lists have been merged into one and only. When selecting an item in the list, then the selected value will be used both for width and height.
It is still possible to have separated width and height settings using the setting "differenciate width and height".

* The item 'manual' has been added to every dimension list: this setting allows to resize the image following the exact display size of the image when it has been manually resized by the user.
Of course this setting is only relevant for inline images. For attachment images which can't be visually resized, there is a specific setting where the size value is defined.

* A new setting allows to skip inline images which are not attached to the message, which stands for images which are just linked and not embedded into message (the related HTML tag is moz-do-not-send).

* The addon allows now to filter files which have been backuped on a remote service such as cloud, preventing to resize images which have already been handled through TB feature called 'filelink'.

* The addon provides now a loading/resizing timeout which allows to cancel the running process if its execution time exceeds a specific duration.
Nb: Please leave high values (20-30 seconds) to allow time for large images to load.

* In interactive settings dialog, "skip" and "cancel" buttons are now displayed whatever is the selected tab of the settings.

* When updating addon, changes and modifications of settings (if needed) are done right at TB start, and not anymore when opening compose dialog.

* When updating addon, if main icon has been previously removed from toolbar then its display is not forced anymore and it is left in the customization palette.

* The addon allows now to log debug information directly into a user-defined file.

* bugfix: For TB >= v24.*, when clicking the 'reset to factory defaults' button, final warning message was not displayed.

* Maximum compatibility setting has been enabled for Thunderbird v25.* to v32.0.

Version 0.13.1 101.7 kB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.0a1pre und neuer

* Some german translation strings have been corrected.

* bugfix: In certain circumstances, handling of parallel runs did not block automatic resizing through "auto-save-as-draft" whereas another resizing was already in progress.

* bugfix: User-defined renaming patterns of interactive settings dialog containing non-ASCII characters were not handled correctly.

Version 0.13.0 101.7 kB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.0a1pre und neuer

* Basic graphics edition features have been added. Transformations are available through interactive settings dialog only:
- flip (horizontally, vertically)
- rotation (-90°, +90°, 180°)
- cropping (left, right, up and down)

* Preview of image in interactive settings dialog reflects transformations applied in real time. Update of preview can be disabled to enhance addon reactivity.
Nb: This is only a comfort feature because a thumbnail image is built as soon as interactive settings dialog opens, so the addon reacts quite smoothly even for very big images (in interactive settings dialog transformations are applied to thumbnail).

* Opacity of cropping layer in preview of image in interactive settings dialog can be changed.

* Transformations settings can be saved all along a resizing session, so this allows to apply automatically same transformations to several images.

* A setting allows to set whether transformations are applied before or after resizing (rotation and cropping change dimensions of final image if they're applied after resizing).

* In interactive settings dialog, new dimensions are now displayed. This information is updated when changing settings (max dimensions, transformations, etc.)

* If image filename displayed in interactive settings dialog is too long and cropped (default maximum size is 40-characters long) then full name is added as tooltip information for filename label.

* The whole interactive settings dialog has been redesigned.

* It's possible to define some default settings for interactive settings dialog, such as maximum dimension of preview image, opacity of cropping layer, value of several checkboxes.

* It's now possible to keep original dimensions when "resizing" images. This allows to use other "non-resizing" features, such as format conversion, removal of exif data, transformations, etc.

* German translation has been updated and added again (thanks to just4fun73de).

* bugfix: If "auto-save-as-draft" was fired whereas interactive settings dialog was displayed then resizing crashed as soon as dialog was closed.
Nb: Please note that if some resizing is enabled when auto-saving-as-draft (see settings dialog > General > Actions > Save automatically as draft), then auto-saving is disabled during active time of interactive settings dialog (when it is displayed).

*bugfix: If the same image (same URL) was added several times as image to resize (body images), then every occurrence was resized following the settings of the first one.

* bugfix: If reducing images was disabled in settings dialog then interactive settings dialog crashed and resizing was performed using general settings.

* The addon is now compatible with Thunderbird from v24.* to v25.0.

Version 0.12.3 82.0 kB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.0a1pre und neuer

* Feature which allows to skip images from messages which are replied to or forwarded (added in v0.12.2) has been replaced by a specific checkboxes set which allow to individually enable or disable resizing for all kinds of inline images.

* Some localization typos have been corrected.

* Dutch translation has been added (thanks to Arnold Groot).

* The addon is now compatible with Thunderbird from v21.* to v24.0.

Version 0.12.2 75.5 kB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.0a1pre und neuer

* Interactive mode supports now trigger criteria, allowing to skip interactive mode for images whose dimensions are below user-defined limits.
This setting can be enabled or disabled and is also available in quick settings.

* A new feature allows to skip images from messages which are replied to or forwarded.

* In interactive settings dialog, clicking "apply to global settings" does not disable "apply to this session" checkboxes.

Version 0.12.0 73.7 kB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.0a1pre und neuer

* The addon offers now an 'interactive settings mode': this mode displays a dialog for each image to resize allowing to set some settings (dimensions, jpeg quality, name) for resizing of this image only.
This dialog offers also to keep current settings as settings for all other resizings through the session or to crush default settings.

* The addon offers now to set main settings through a "quick settings" menu into addon custom button displayed in toolbar (Nb: On Mac OS X, seems menuitems are not visibly checked when clicking on them).

* If images are converted to jpeg or png format, then file extension is now forced to new format.

* bugfix: When installing or upgrading the addon on MacOS systems with Gloom not installed, no information popup dialog was displayed and the addon crashed.

* bugfix: User-defined list of patterns to filter filenames which contained non-ASCII characters were not handled correctly.

* bugfix: User-defined list of patterns to filter screenshots which contained non-ASCII characters were not handled correctly.

* bugfix: User-defined renaming patterns containing non-ASCII characters were not handled correctly.

* bugfix: Image filenames containing non-ASCII characters were not handled correctly if resizing was undone.

* bugfix: If no file was attached and resizing was fired then an improper warning message was displayed ("no recipients").

* The addon is now compatible with Thunderbird from v20.* to v21.0a1.

Version 0.11.2 61.2 kB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.0a1pre und neuer

* Execution of compression can now be filtered regarding recipients of the message being composed: user can define separated white and black lists of patterns which can control if compression if skipped or not regarding if one or all email recipients match given patterns.

* A new feature allows to skip resizing of images whose file size is lower than a user-defined limit.

* German translation has been removed (former official german translator did not answered me for several months and its email address is invalid).

* Icelandic translation has been added (thanks to Sveinn í Felli).

* Some minor changes.

* bugfix: Images embedded into messages from imap accounts were not handled if message was replyed or forwarded.

* bugfix: Https images drag-&-dropped from the browser or added using a link were not handled; previously only http images (without the final 's') were handled.

* bugfix: Http(s) images whose link did not finished with an image filename were not handled.

* The addon is now compatible with Thunderbird from v16.* to v20.0a1.

Version 0.10.4 56.3 kB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.0a1pre und neuer

* Inline images handling has been rewritten using more API functions, thus enhancing stability.

* The addon is now able to handle http images which are drag-&-dropped from the browser or added using an http link.

* Resizing dimensions panel offers now several predefined sizes in a list. However it's still possible to define a custom resizing size.

* It's now possible to force format of resizing images in one of both native formats (JPEG or PNG).

* New options have been added to renaming pattern to insert automatically current date or current time in resized image file name.
Date and time formats used in renaming are editable through settings dialog.

* Resized images aspect is no longer kept for images which are added through formatting toolbar button ('insert an image'). Nevertheless a new setting has been added which allows to display resized images with original aspect.

* Some help dialogs have been added in order to guide user through addon configuration.

* Behaviour, relations and messages of settings dialog have been enhanced to improve accessibility for non-sighted people.

* If undoing resizing is set so that a confirmation is asked, it's now possible to disable the setting through displayed confirmation dialog.

* bugfix: When resizing an image file with the same name as an already-resized image file but with a different case, image file was given a doublon name. Now doublon-names check is case-insensitive.

* bugfix: Image formats setting was case-sensitive, thus setting formats with another value than "*" could lead not to resize all images if the extension wasn't exactly case-sensitively specified.

* bugfix: At settings dialog startup or when resetting dialog, if one of resizing setting ('enlarge'/'reduce') was disabled and one of its related dimension setting was set to 'custom' then related textbox was not disabled.

* bugfix: Jpeg quality setting was not taken in account for TB >= v7.0 (canvas API for handling of jpeg quality setting has changed since this version).

* bugfix: Context menu for attached files in attachment box was not displayed for TB starting from v8.*.

* The addon is now compatible with Thunderbird from v6.* to v16.0a1.

Version 0.9.0 49.2 kB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.0a1pre und neuer

* Inline images are now handled: they can be resized and unresized like attachment images.

* Settings dialog offers full control on how images are resized: inline and/or attachment images can be resized when "sending now", "sending later", "sending in background", "saving message as draft", "saving message as template", "auto saving as draft" or not.
For each mode, it's also possible to specify if undo is possible or not, and if resizing should be skipped if any image has already been resized (generally using dedicated custom button).

* If message is saved in mailbox (draft, template, send later, etc.), then it's possible to resize or unresize inline images once the message is edited.

* Resized attachment images can be displayed with a user-chosen style in attachments pane (color, italic and/or bold).

* Renaming resized images is now smarter enough to avoid doublons.

* It's now possible to enable or disable regular expressions in source filename filtering.

* A special filter has been added for copy/pasted images. Regular expressions can be enabled or disabled for this filter.

* Temporary files created while resizing are now stored in a dedicated subdirectory of system temporary directory. This subdirectory is flushed and deleted as soon as composing dialog is closed (when message is sent or dialog is closed).

* For TB >= v5, the addon installation files are not unpacked anymore in extensions directory.

* Swedish translation has been added (thanks to Mikael Hiort af Ornäs).

* bugfix: The addon crashed when undoing resizing of image files whose original source file is also individually attached.

* bugfix: The addon crashed when using source filename filtering with regular expressions enabled and the renaming pattern contains an invalid regular expression.

Version 0.5.2 27.6 kB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.0 - 3.2a1pre

* The feature which allowed to add a user-defined suffix to be appended to resized images has been replaced by a renaming feature. Resized images can be renamed with a user-defined pattern.

Version 0.5.0 26.6 kB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.0 - 3.2a1pre

Initial release.