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I just downloaded this app and have spent the past 15 minutes trying to find within TB. How do I access the software so I can insert a custom signature block?

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Just what I've been looking for!
Not sure if the Developer will be bringing it into the web extension range but sure do hope so.

bugsy Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

A great concept got wasted by poor implementation.

first, it doesn't support export/ import to unicode, though we can make signatures in hindi unicode, but while saving, it becomes junk, and when we import hindi unicode, that displays junk.

it asks too many unnecessary questions in exporting/ importing and confuses.

when we have created signatures, and paste them into fb text box, it pastes field name as well as field content, which is senselessness.
And then, we can remove field name, but can't even remove field content from the text box. We can't even select than, can't cut that, can't delete that.

And after pasting to fb textbox, Enter key to post the comment stops working and we are utterly at a loss what to do.

So, a good and useful concept gone waste.


Love this add-on, can't live without it Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Signature saves me so much time, it's so neat and unobtrusive and always available when you want it. I agree it is a bit tricky to understand how to use it and add texts or signatures to insert but once done, FANTASTIC. Far far the best of any signature add-on.

Little documentation prevents use, documentation Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

I installed it on FF 38, but do not see how to create new scripts. What file does this write to in the Profile folder?

Edit: While the normal means of adding new scripts/signatures is via Options in the Signature extension listing under FF Add-ons (Ctrl+Shift+A), they are written to the Prefs.js (look for signature) in your Profile folder. (Alt+h then hit Troubleshooting... and then hit Show folder.)

Make sure FF is closed if you want to edit it.

Hope this helps.

Grace and peace thru Jesus

only way to save them now is thru
About:config search 'signature.' and it has both parts yuo need to copy paste into a new frefox, the only scripts used are for rightclick
my firefox works fine with it and i have 40.1

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it'd be better if I can add formation to the text

it does have formation, you need to have a webpage or 'box that allowes <bold> </bold> ect ect

Is Saving Me So Much Time Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I love this add-on simply because I can make several signatures, edit them and use them everywhere. I'm a crafter, writer and artist who is all over the web, and many sites/forums don't allow formatting signatures. In using this add-on, I still have to manually make my signatures clickable, but that's ok, because this add-on is saving me so much time. I really appreciate it.

thank you so much for the review!there actualy is a hotkey function but i cant remember if firefox overrode it or if its still available, in vanilla -before editing your customs- it says<!ENTITY signature.thunderbird.shortcutkey.default.key "D"><!ENTITY signature.thunderbird.shortcutkey.default.modifier "accel, shift"><!ENTITY signature.thunderbird.shortcutkey.random.key "R"><!ENTITY signature.thunderbird.shortcutkey.random.modifier "accel, shift">in thunderbird it has this hotkey function but unable to in firefox saddly =( but im glad you enjoy this prgram as mucuh as i do =)how ever, if you rightclick and go to 'signature' and press Shift + S it will put the one called 'signature' <!ENTITY signature.contextmenu.insert.title "Insert Signature"><!ENTITY signature.contextmenu.insert.ak "S"><!ENTITY signature.contextmenu.options.title "Edit Signatures()"><!ENTITY signature.contextmenu.options.ak "E"><!ENTITY signature.contextmenu.random.title "Random Signature()"><!ENTITY signature.contextmenu.random.ak "R">

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یکی از افزونه های کاربردی فایرفکس هست

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It doesn't work to me on Firefox 24.
I put the cursor in a text box, I select one entry of submenu but nothing.

Easiest Signature Add-on I've found Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I've tried a few different add-ons, and found this to be the simplest for multiple signatures and canned responses. Easy to customize and easy to use.

thank you, I'm glad others enjoy and use as I do

Very Useful for forums and Q&A sites Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I use Stack Exchange regularly and writing some usual lines again and again is really a pain. But this add-on solves it elegantly. Very simple to use.

One feature request: It will be great if we could create groups of signatures.

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1."Paste Email Plus" for Thunderbird :) ?!

2.Continuation version of "Signature"( -..-?!

3.It can not support HTML....?

4.In "Tool > Addons" that "import" can not work?!

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very neat. Would like it even more if the text size could be set or the text could be rich format.

i did i changed the sizing to 600 and the fonts going to be larger

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Great Add-on :)

and thank you for the quick update for T6
Much appreciated

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Real nice to use, i loved it... Just untill i updated TB to 6 now it doesn't work anymore.. :(
Ive tried something like signature switch, my god thats dificult!!

This one is the best out there, THANKS!!

Minimally useful and sloppy Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

I has no HTML support and even the title has typos( "prefill fourms.") The description is loaded with typos too. How can we take this seriously if the author cannot be bothered to run a simple spell-check?

Shifts indents to the left Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Shifts indents to the left. Does not work well with indents, I work with alot of templates with different indents, when i paste a Sig. into my emails with indents it shifts the pasted Sig. what looks like 1 indent to the left. I have to manually space each line over to align with my indents. If this can be fixed i'll change my rating.

Thunderbird 5.0, WinXP Home

PLEASE ADD - insert html, that would be fantastic, or a way to copy a Sig. to clip board or TB's "insert HTML"

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Very useful addon for Thunderbird. Thanks!

Only little bug: If you insert a signature with a paragraph at the end of a sentence, the addon deletes the last word of the sentence.
Workaround: Just begin a paragraph manually at the end of the sentence and after that use the addon to add a signature.

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Perfect,exactly what was looking for

Almost works - 3.6 but Import feature doesn't work Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Firefox 3.6.15
Export and insert signature works.

However, the import feature fails. If you click on it, it exist the window.

I tried to locate the actual signature file in the default profile but... can't seem to locate the data/txt file

That's why i'm only giving 4/5 star