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Name Neil Rashbrook
Benutzer seit Aug. 6, 2007
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XULMine Benötigt Neustart

Game based on Minesweeper by Robert Donner and Curt Johnson.

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Folder Pane Cell Selection Type Benötigt Neustart

Since 20070806 the MailNews folder pane has switched from its previous cell text selection to the full row selection which the Mozilla Suite used to use.

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3 Benutzer

Find Preferences Benötigt Neustart

Stores find service data in preferences so that it persists across restarts.

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8 Benutzer

Edit Custom Size Image Benötigt Neustart

Fixes a bug in SeaMonkey Composer and Thunderbird Message Compose whereby the Image Properties dialog would always reset the image to actual size.

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1 Benutzer

Live Bookmark Enabler

Fixes a bug in SeaMonkey whereby Live Bookmarks don't automatically update themselves.

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tries to use Firebug's icon; options dialog does not remember previous location; fuzzy geolocation always returns 0, 0

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