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five star gone down 1 star....
to download 720 and higher resolution, you need to install another program(not an addon) will have big watermark when converted need to pay to remove found other addon that works without paying....not using this greed shit anymore

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You totally ruined it.

I always thought Mozilla was a non-profit propaganda-free and user-concerned project (which I made donations to in the past). Time destroys everything, I guess.

Does not work anymore since devs got greedy Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

I've been a dlhelper user for YEARS and it was always doing it's job. It doesn't anymore.

The authors claim that some new proprietary transcoding software is needed to download current YouTube videos. And they also claim that these types of videos just "weren't visible" before in DLHelper. Well too bad, then I would at least like to have a checkbox that makes them invisible again. I'm not going to pay upwards of 10 bucks for some shitty transcoding software when all I want is the RAW stream (I'm perfectly capable of transcoding videos myself, thanksverymuch).

But there's more!

Yeah, you think, okay then it displays these "new" kinds of videos, but you can just ignore them, right? WRONG! If you choose the "old" videos on YouTube, you get 0 byte downloads. What a coincidence! "Hey our software has the TOTALLY INNOCENT bug that makes downloading videos for free impossible, but what a great solution, you can just BUY something from us to get it to work again! YAY!"

Fuck off. But there's even more!

The authors also claim that their competitor is trying to sabotage their reviews. LOL. Apparently they haven't ever used their own software, because since that "now it costs money" update your tool is just PLAIN SHIT. Downloading zero byte files just doesn't cut it, buddy. And I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, check out my registration and see that I'm a totally legit user who loved your product once and HATES it now.

Enough ranting for today, time to search for an alternative. Goodbye forever, shitty DownloadHelper. It was nice while it lasted.

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a really great add-on.... it was untill the latest update... doesn't let me download anything without downloading additional software! i'm sorry, but i'd have to unistall. that was a very bad move, fellas... this is the end for you. that's sad & hurts me very much as i've loved it. i loved you, developer! gonna cry falling asleep to memories of how convinient & great you once were.

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This used to be so great. Now, upon reinstalling it, it looked very different. No matter, I thought to myself. But then when I tried to record a Youtube video, as I'd done a thousand times before, it tried to get me to download "conversion" software. And only a complete noobs doesn't know what that means. Who would fall for the old "Let us install secondary programs" BS??? Well, some fools might fall for it. And that's what these unethical jerks are counting on.

Ask yourself, why oh why would an add-on "need" yet another program to be installed along side it? Wouldn't you think that would be built-in to the add-on already? Do the math. They are trying to take advantage of you, and who knows how much adware, spyware, or even malware is contained in this extra program they are desperately hoping you'll install. F-YOU!

Downloadhelper, thanks for all the fun in the past. However, you are an sneaky and greedy pig now, and only an idiot would use it, especially considering how many new (and WAY better) options there are now.

Don't be stupid, avoid this and any other add-ons which try to sneak crap into your system.

edit: don't listen to the pathetic cries that the negative reviews are.....hehhe....from a "competitor". Ya right. Greed makes you ugly

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The new VDH shocked me. Major change and could not work how to do the things I could do very easily with 1 step.

But once I worked out the configure option (found on my add-on list) and popped my icon to no dropdown (under appearance) (you can get to everything by the clicks top screen when you click the icon)...then as good as gold... Back to 1 click action.

Sure.. the new popup is uglier(loud) and confusing but VDH is functionally better now. I even get OSX notifications. Performance 10.10.3 fresh install v38fx not impacted at all. Wow!

Support is unbelievable fantastic for the given huge volume user base. I cannot believe this dude replies directly in googlegroups. Thank goodness he does as VDH is critical for me.

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The previous version of DownloadHelper was great! A reference even.
Then it was "upgraded" (I have 5.2.0) & went to pot! It doesn't even make sense any more. The developer thinks a competitor is writing the reviews? It's more like some rival sabotaged the tool itself.
I really need to find a decent alternative now - unless it's possible to downgrade?

Another casualty of greed on the side of the road of good ideas, but clears the way for someone else to step in (I haven't even searched as yet, but as with any new vacuum...).

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WTF the reviews are bullshit man :/
I checked to see if the rumors about the watermark were true and it's not!

This is the only good video downloader I know and used for 2 years. So thanks a bunch!

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I would have given this 5 stars for many years, but since they have changed it I can't download anything anymore. Simply does not work. Says you need a convertor, you follow steps for the convertor and it still says you need a convertor.

*Sigh* End of an era. Looking for a new add-on to replace this one. Other than firebug this was my most used add on but all good things must come to an end I suppose

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30$ for a converter that is not even required. That is 30$ to download 720p and anything above. What a ripoff. Just move along people. It was good while it lasted. deleted the addon.

Not as good as it used to be: Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

This mod used to be so good. It was simple, easy to use, and convenient. Ever since the changes made to it that forced users to have the converter as well, it has become a cheap cash grab.

Despite what the creator says, you do need to converter to actually watch anything that you download. Like others have said, the first few videos are watermark free, then the watermark shows up and you have to pay to get it removed.

The creator has actually gone on to say that the watermarks were there all the time (while people who have been using his add-on for years have said otherwise). He has also gone on record on here saying that the converter is not needed to watch what is downloaded. Untrue. The add-on in its current form downloads videos into an unplayable format that NEEDS to be converted to be playable.

Lastly, he has also said (in the description of the file itself) that any and all user reviews giving it a negative score are from a rival. In reality all users should be more suspicious of any recent reviews giving it a good rating.

Skip this add-on, it's no longer worth using.

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This is simply wrong ! There is no watermark that appears after a few downloads ! The watermark appears only if you use the converter to convert (and it has been this way since 2008) or to aggregate ADP videos (which were simply invisible in VDH4).

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It can download videos from Youtube and pretty much anywhere elsse. But it can also download flash games if you need. The button is highly customizable, it instantly shows you what you want to download and with a single click it will. Anything else out there is too limited and bloated compared to it. Been using it for years, and I won't change it for anything else.

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Ya no sirve, la nueva version te pone una marca de agua y para quitarlo tienes que pagar 18€


No os compliquéis nueva APP GRATISS FREE: :) :) :) FREE!

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I liked it until i realized it dose not continue your downloads after your computer reconnects its internet connection after a disconnection. You need to start all your downloads again.....

And the last update moved the right click position from the drop down menu???????

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Great! I donated $30! Thanks!

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I already wrote a negative to this new version.

But what i now encountered, deservers another negative review:
The devs now want people to pay for their converter. I literally laughed when i got that popup.
Gonna uninstall this now and will never ever look at this plugin again. Also will uninstall it from all of my families computers.

I hate devs like these here.

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Ruined my P4 pc after updated. Keeps slowing down the browser and the cpu usage is always %100. I can't even surf in forum pages with flash ads. When i disable Video DownloaderHelper it's all ok. You should make a simple version for old pc users. Thanks.

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Buenísimo!!, puedes descargar casi todos los vídeos

Great!!, you can download almost all videos

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a versao anterior era melhor

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Yesterday I found out that this addon can now record stream chunked media and downloader does clean assembling!! This is so great!! To do this job before I used screen capture software and gosh that was hard and the result was not too good. But everything has changed, thanks God and thanks to you.
you are THE BEST.