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'Sun Dance' beneath storm clouds...

I spent most of yesterday trying to obtain your beautiful 'Sun Dance' on Mozilla Firefox - as it is inspirational on Chrome. Many, many hours and setbacks later, I finally managed to see it on Firefox. But! Unfortunately, on Firefox the company logo and website address are so "in your face" that they overpower and sully your tabs, with ugly black typescript, obstructing what would otherwise have been a glorious and delightfully sunny view. I live in a largely sunless world and CRAVE the sun. The sunny colours sing out at you on Chrome - but not on Firefox. Pity! I'm sure this must be the only reason why such beautiful artwork has on Firefox apparently been rejected by many - and is used by none. There could be a related reason. I myself have rejected many inherently beautiful themes simply because they have rendered my tabs fuzzy, thrown them into obscurity or otherwise rendered them illegible. It seems to me that an often overlooked prerequisite for the success of ANY theme is that it should not interfere with the computer user's ability to continue to make unfettered use of his tabs and toolbars. The immediate and easy legibility of these should in no way be compromised!

Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen von Little Red Riding Hood am May 16, 2014

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