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Warum wurde "Peachphone Ihr in MMS gesendetes Webcam" geschaffen?

Peachphone is a unique !
The only widget that can send a lot of sms to a lot of persones.
The only widget that can agragate all your contacts (from mailbox, from phone, from social network), and then to share them to vCard

it can be used as a Firefox addon, but within the widget you can forward it to your Mac Dashboard widget or to Windows7/vista widget sidebar.

Peachphone is the only anwser to the convergence between mobile phones and desktop applications.

Was kommt als nächstes für Peachphone Ihr in MMS gesendetes Webcam

next step, will be to add :

- horoscope sms/mms syndication
- email daily/monthly syndication
- airplane search engine and syndication
- note pad to save sms templates.
- Flickr image browser and image sender
- send your own mms ringtones (with mp3 upload)

Über den Entwickler

Name Peachphone team
Ort New York, Barcelona, Paris
Homepage http://peachphone.com/
Benutzer seit January 4, 2010
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