Everytime I boot my Firefox 10.0.2.Your un-invited webpage is there as well. Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

Tried your e-mail support link and it wasn't working. So here I am. Why is it every time I open up my Firefox browser your webpage is loading as well? It gets to really, really be, a pain in the you know what, when software becomes pushy. And I don't see any options in your software or in my Firefox browser to stop your webpage from loading when I boot up. So for that reason I will be uninstalling this program.

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Firefox REMEMBERS OPEN TABS! Please, close all tabs in Firefox and close the browser properly, without crashing it. As it is customary, we only show the home page once after installation. Please, verify this on your side, and then correct this unsubstantiated review accordingly. Thank you.