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Benutzer seit March 5, 2007
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Flash Killer Benötigt Neustart

Remove with one click all the Flash contents of the current page, preserving space.

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Play All Benötigt Neustart

Read with one click all the linked multimedia files of the current page into your favourite player...

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428 Benutzer

Boox Benötigt Neustart

Enhanced functionalities for your Bookmarks...

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257 Benutzer

goTranslate Benötigt Neustart

Translate the visited pages via the Google translation service.

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Yummy Benötigt Neustart

Add Feed support.

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Mobile Tools

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I'm really happy to find these tools in Mobile.
The Page Info is really nice and adapted to the phone screen.
The view source is a must have for developement, and hackability.
Thank you for this addons.

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