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Warum wurde "Shareaholic | share with Google, Facebook and more" geschaffen?

At Shareaholic we're fanatical about making our users more productive by making sharing on the web better, faster, and easier, while making this activity more measurable for web publishers, advertisers, and mainstream businesses.

It all started in 2008 with Shareholic winning the Grand Prize in Mozilla Foundation's Extend Firefox contest for the best Firefox add-on.

The contest was judged by Garrett Camp (founder, StumbleUpon), Brendan Eich (CTO, Mozilla and creator of JavaScript), Jesse James Garrett (president, Adaptive Path), Tariq Karim (founder, NetVibes), and Joshua Schachter (founder, del.icio.us) based on excellence in user experience, innovativeness, and technical correctness.

Today, Shareaholic is the #1 browser tool for sharing. In June 2009, we crossed 1 million downloads. We're proud, and at the same time humbled and grateful that so many have chosen Shareaholic to be their sharing tool of choice. We are also humbled to have such awesome support from all our amazing partners.

Was kommt als nächstes für Shareaholic | share with Google, Facebook and more

Shareaholic continues to evolve in myriad ways, all of which are designed to make it easier and better. Check out the Shareaholic Blog or follow us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/shareaholic) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/shareaholic) to stay apprised of the latest developments.

Über den Entwickler

Name The Shareaholic Team
Ort Cambridge, Massachusetts next to MIT and Harvard University
Homepage http://www.shareaholic.com
Benutzer seit May 13, 2007
Anzahl der entwickelten Add-ons 1 Add-on
Durchschnittliche Bewertung der Add-ons des Entwicklers Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen